WFILTU Chapter 220 – Clarify IV

Ten minutes after the post was sent out, Xue Jiao had just arrived at the classroom.

A boy suddenly stood up, scolded a dirty word, and then said: “Holy f***! This is too shameless! !”

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? ” Everyone surrounded him in curiosity.

The man turned to glance at Xue Jiao, his gaze carrying some……heartache, and then waved, calling a lot of people to lie under the table to look.

Yi Tianyu also took out his phone and tugged at Xue Jiao——

“Come and have a look at the clarification post!”

Xue Jiao also hasn’t seen it, so she conveniently and obediently came over.

The title was very clear and eye-catching.

Surprise! The truth of Gu Xuejiao’s incident——how vicious can a Xiao San’s daughter be?

Seeing the title, many people were surprised and clicked in. What’s the relationship between Gu Xuejiao’s incident and a Xiao San?

The person writing this post is absolutely talented. They clicked in and the first thing they see was——

Shocking? Gu Xuejiao and Gu Shiyun are biological sisters!

All of a sudden, the people reading the post could only exclaim: Holy! Biological sisters? !

These two people are the most influential personas of the school. These two were actually sisters?

Therefore, everyone continued to scroll with sensation.

There was a lot of evidence in the post. On top of the post was a group photo of Gu Xuejiao, Gu Jingxu and Li Sitong. Discerning people could clearly see that this was a family photo of three..

Original poster: Are you shocked? Surprised? But there’s more!

In the next instant, the photos of Gu Shiyun and the three were posted.

Original poster: That’s right, Gu Xuejiao is the original daughter, Gu Shiyun is……er er er’s daughters. They are all biological daughters. When Gu Xuejiao’s parents divorced, she was only ten years old. Gu Shiyun was only a few months younger than her. Hahaha, this original poster will be a little more straightforward. It was just an ugly duckling who married a rich person’s daughter. The Xiao San came over and gave birth to Gu Shiyun. Finally, when Gu Xuejiao was at the age of 10, they entered the house!!

The melon eaters were dumbfounded and stunned.

Gu Shiyun was a Xiao San’s daughter, an illegitimate daughter?

How come there’s no news about it at all!!!

Original Poster: Are you shocked? Surprised? There’s even more shocking news to come!

Then, there were screenshots, all of which were messages between Gu Shiyun and Li Wei. In the early years, Gu Shiyun kept talking about how “elder sister” was so and so rich and so and so generous. Li Wei came up with an idea, inquired about Gu Xuejiao’s preferences, and then approached Gu Xuejiao.

Later, as they grew older, one day, Gu Shiyun asked Li Wei to “lead badly” Gu Xuejiao, and she will pay her.

After that, the chat record was how Li Wei reported how to “bring bad” Xue Jiao, creating piercings, and skipping classes. For every situation, Gu Shiyun praised her for doing well and paid for it.

For example, there was a conversation like this——

Li Wei: Gu Xuejiao seems an extroverted girl, but she turned out to be a weak trash. Her mother scolded her, but she actually held my arms and cried. She asks me if it was bad to do this.

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Gu Shiyun: What did you say?

Li Wei: I will obviously say that she has no problem. I said that it’s because her mother has a new family and doesn’t want her anymore. She’s such a fool. She believes anything that others say. I wanted to take her to the nightclub, but she actually didn’t dare? She said it’s not good to go to a nightclub.

Gu Shiyun: If you trick her into going to a nightclub and find someone……I’ll give you a hundred thousand!

Li Wei: Really?! Don’t worry, she looks very attractive. I’ll gift her to my godbrother to sleep for free!

Then there was another picture, the time was a week later.

Li Wei: Sh*t! I spent nine cattle and two tigers worth of energy to trick the person into the hotel. She even got drunk but actually successfully ran away!

Gu Shiyun: What? It didn’t work?! Forget it……next time you must succeed!

Li Wei: It wont work anymore, she called to scold me yesterday. It took me a long time to coax her back, but she said she would never go to a nightclub again, and now she doesn’t trust me as much……

Li Wei: ? ? ? Anyone here?Although it didn’t work, I was able to take a picture. It looks like that has happened.

Gu Shiyun: What photo?

The post enlarged the picture, just like the picture in yesterday’s post.

Original Poster: ha ha, surprised? That’s how the photo from yesterday’s post came to be.

Original Poster: Don’t panic, we have even more surprises.

Original Poster: It’s said that if you have such a mother, then you will have such a daughter. Since the daughter is like this, then think about her mother.

Original Poster: Wu Wanjun, Gu Shiyun’s mother, has been keen to be a kind stepmother over the years, constantly giving gifts to her daughter. Well, this original was very moved, but when this original poster found out what kind of gifts……

Original Poster: The latest phone, with a variety of shopping, video, and game softwares; pompous clothes; bringing her out to shop recreationally during class time, er……even bringing her to the casino. En, very great, the best stepmother in China must be awarded to her!

Original Poster: Are you shocked? Don’t worry, we still have more!

Then, the owner uploaded even more screenshots.

Gu Shiyun: This is the last time. If you send these to the forum of Qizhong School,  I’ll give you 50000 yuan, and I won’t look for you again in the future.

Li Wei: Alright.

Original Poster: Alright, I know you will question it, so I have a video of Gu Shiyun and Li Wei in the early years. At that time, Gu Shiyun was still young. Maybe, although her heart was naturally black, her mind was not smart enough. She contacted Li Wei in private. You guys can see that over the years, the person only put knives behind others backs and never exposed herself.

The video resources were put up. However, the video was quite old, so the voices couldn’t be heard clearly, but the technicians processed the audio separately and put it underneath.

This evidence can be said to be quite comprehensive!

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  1. You always get back what you give. Congratulations, you’re now the most hated person in school, your mom will be shamed and your opportunistic father will left you guys .

  2. I hope GS’s face hurt like hell ! 😈

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  4. I love Boss Lin pettiness. Don’t care if adult wanting to join the gossip (⁠・⁠∀⁠・⁠)

    I previously sympathized Gu Shinyu but she’s eveil when she planned for her sis to be SAed. For me, it’s unforgivable even as young teenager.

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