WFILTU Chapter 221 – Clarify V

Original Poster: Alright, the landlord has finished summing it up. Originally, I wanted to pick on how the goddess from a “female gangster” counter attacked into a “goddess”, the result picked out such an interesting thing! After summing up, we can only sigh at the power of genes!

Original Poster: The goddess has been harmed into that, and she can still wake up to be such a powerful figure now. But I still want to know what Gu Shiyun usually looks like at school? Such calculations……in school, she should also be popular. No one would say anything bad about her right? After all, those who offend this kind of black hearted liver, how many meters of grass would be swaying above their grave?

Original Poster: Finally, if Gu Xuejiao doesn’t rise up, she will still be a “little gangster” who is being scolded. Gu Shiyun is still bright. This landlord was also shocked. After I finished pickling, I kept thinking about what Gu Xuejiao had done wrong. In the end, I thought about it. It seemed that she was the original wife’s daughter but is that wrong? What are you doing by abusing her and pouring soup on her? What did she do wrong?

Original Poster: The final final final final part, send up the real name registration of the last post. Come on, have a look at the keyboard warriors who don’t speak human words on the forum, what they look like in school! Don’t thank me. My name is Lei Feng.

“Bang——” Yi Tianyu smashed his fist on the table, and the table shook, as if it was about to fall apart.

His eyes were reddening, staring at the post, and finally could only spit out a sentence——

“I f*** his great uncle!”

It wasn’t just Yi Tianyu. Most of the boys who were reading the posts had reddened eyes, and some of the girls even started to cry.

What did she do wrong?

She’s wrong about nothing. She’s not sensible, but has she ever hurt anyone? Even her “bad” was led by others!

At noon on Friday, when they still returned the phones, the comments were flying.


“……the three outlooks are broken.”

“I’m f****** crying. What the hell is that piece of sh*t?”

“Sh*t! F***!” If it’s not for the evidence, I can’t f****** believe that there are such people in the world! “

“I used to think Gu Shiyun was very good? This person is way too disgusting!”


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The nature of Gu Shiyun was different from that of Xue Jiao before. That post revealed that Xue Jiao’s “black material” was also a matter of style. It’s enough for others to discuss it in private.

Gu Shiyun was too shocking. This was a matter of character and morality!

Class two.

Gu Shiyun was shaking all over and her face was frighteningly white.

At this time, her deskmate, a boy who worshipped her very much, moved the table to the back.

“I dare not sit with such a person.”

No one dared to speak. They all looked at Gu Shiyun with frightened eyes.

She could use such a trick to harm the original daughter a few years ago!

They’re afraid her heart is already completely dark!

But they get along day and night, and they haven’t even seen anything?!

They haven’t recovered from the shock before they have to attend class.

As it happens, this class was Li Ping’s.

As soon as he came in, Chu Sheng stood up: “Teacher Li, I don’t allow myself to sit in the same classroom with people who are morally corrupt to this extent. This will make me feel insulted for the school.”

With that, Chu Sheng went out with the book in his arms and stood in the corridor.

Then another person stood up, one after another, and went out the door.

“This class……self-study……” Li Ping finished speaking and walked quickly to the office.

He can’t give a lecture now, but anyone who has read that post still doesn’t know what attitude to face Gu Shiyun with.

Li Ping knows that this afternoon’s class won’t be on either.

Over the years, he has seen people who are morally corrupt, but she was only a teenager, yet she was already like this, which is obviously shocking.

He used to think that Gu Shiyun was good at everything?

In fact, the office was  in a mess now. The posts were just there. After the fermentation of yesterday’s post, today’s post will let everyone know in an instant.

Lin Zhihua was right. There’s no construction without destruction. Gu Shiyun wants to create a big event?

It must have been self defeating.

There was no class in class one either. It was all self-study.

Xue Jiao stayed until the end of the two classes under the eyes of people who were worried, concerned and guilty.

Almost as soon as class was over, she ran to the broadcasting room with Yi Tianyu.

While all the students in the school are here, what should be said must be said now, without delay!

Cheng Mingze stood at the door of the broadcasting room. His eyes were slightly red, and his palms were pinched with blood.

He couldn’t speak, but his hands shook as he handed the key to Xue Jiao.

Very soon, a voice broadcasted from the speakers of Qizhong School.

“Hello everyone, I’m Gu Xuejiao.”

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  1. Yeah idk what the point of broadcasting anything would be. This is a little dramatic

    • Broadcasting should be to consolidate the post! This is to give Shiyun no way out. If Xue Jiao didn’t clarify, those second post will just be like the first post.. a gossip where students murmur about Shiyun. I think Xue Jiao will play the “dignified white lotus”. She will admit to everything including their relationship. And apologized that family matter had impacted students life. To end things here so no students needed to waste time with rumours, and let they settle the family matters privately. Should be something like this. Then the matter will be ended, but Shiyun will forever be sentenced guilty in everyone mind.

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  3. I think this is also good and act as closure to OG owner.

    Only sad in this point was OG not hearing apology of people who wronged her.

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