SOOEW Chapter 171- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XI

Compared with Jiang Ke, Ning Xiao was the most surprised one.

Because he entered the elevator first, and he stood inside, he naturally had a panoramic view of the scene at the elevator entrance.

In fact, as early as when Jiang Ke was fighting with his agent, he was acutely aware that something was wrong. Although it seems that a big brand is hard to serve, and one with a thorn on his body refuses to make bad comments, which makes him dislike each other, there is an atmosphere between them that he can’t insert into.

What does it mean that Jiang Ke’s key has been left with her?

It’s not what he thought right……

Ning Xiao looked at Jiang Ke, and didn’t know if it’s his illusion, but the other side’s back seemed to be rigid, seemingly scared by her action.

Both of them were immersed in their own thoughts. When Wen Ying heard the sound of the door closing, she looked back and saw that there was no one behind her. Only the elevator rose slowly again.

She couldn’t help laughing “puchi”.

When Ning Xiao ran out of the elevator with an embarrassed expression, she had been waiting against the wall for a long time. Only Ning Xiao came out of the door. It was unknown why, Jiang Ke, who was going to go downstairs, didn’t show up again.

“Let’s go.”

She saw the others’ embarrassed appearance, and kindly let him go, taking the lead.

Ning Xiao caught up to her. He couldn’t help sticking his head out from behind her shoulder, unable to endure his doubts. He clenched his teeth and asked: “……what’s your relationship with Senior Jiang? ” He didn’t know what was wrong. He felt like he had claws scratching in his heart. He could bear it, but when he took the elevator, he replayed the scene again and again, and his fermenting mood became unbearable.

“Personal question, no answer.”

As expected, she made a gesture of refusal. When Ning Xiao opened his mouth again, the phone in her bag rang, and successfully closing his mouth.

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“Speak.” As soon as she saw that the caller was Yun Ou, she was brief and straightforward.

“Sister, there’s something wrong on the side with the little fat man.”

The other side’s words let Wen Ying stop her steps. For the time being, Ning Xiao’s career has been on the right track. Naturally, she would pay more attention to another “growth stock”.

So under the dissatisfied eyes of Ning Xiao, she gave up the idea of following his journey, sent his assistant with him in the car, and concentrated on understanding the progress of Yun Ou.

The phone hasn’t been cut off. Yun Ou seems to be pacing back and forth on the other end of the phone. There was a kind of anxiety that things can’t be solved. “The company he used to be in is just a small company, and there’s no development prospect. I think as long as we play Huandi’s card, we will be 70% or 80% sure of winning. I have seen that he is still in the contract period, but if you are optimistic about him, the compensation is not a problem

“Speak the key points.”

“Oh, the key point…” Yun Ou glanced at the other end of the corridor. It was also an assistant who was making a phone call. She slightly covered the microphone. “The point is, now Xing Chen is also interested in him!”


“When I came here today, I met someone from Xing Chen. I know of him. He was working with Liu Yi. Before we left Xing Chen, I heard that he was going to work alone. This time, he was supposed to dig for himself. He didn’t take a fancy to the little fat man. He must have spread the net widely and selected several people, but he has already contacted the person in charge of the small company before and is one step faster than us. However, if I give the person in charge some advantages, it should not be a problem to remove the little fat man from the list……”

Hearing her hesitation, Wen Ying said: “It’s impossible for him not to discover that there is a person less with no problems. It’s not a matter of a day or two to sign a contract. It’s more troublesome to be destroyed in the process. You send me a location and I’ll be right there. “

The person that Yun Ou spoke of should be the one who signed Zhou Zhou in his last life. Unfortunately, the other person could not distinguish his trump card, which delayed Zhou Zhou for many years.

When Wen Ying arrived, she found Liu Yi sitting opposite Yun Ou.

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