WFILTU Chapter 222 – Police Station I

At this time, there were people already packing, and people still sitting and waiting for the teacher to come in and assign homework.


“Teacher Li, Teacher Yin, that……was the post true? What are you going to do about it? ” Someone asked.

Yin Fang and Li Ping’s faces became ugly at the same time.

Especially Li Ping. If the evidence on the Internet was true, as the head teacher of Gu Shiyun, he would lose a lot of face.

At the parents’ meeting, he felt that Gu Xuejiao and Gu Shiyun seemed to be connected. They were actually really sisters!

It was even the relationship of a sister!

Yin Fang opened her mouth: “Naturally……how to punish……”

Li Ping had a calm expression. Even if he likes Gu Shiyun, he must face up to the problem of Gu Shiyun’s character.

“This situation is already not something that we can have the final say on. It now depends on the two students and the parents of the two parties. The school can not participate in this matter, and at most, they will put down fallacies.”

The language teacher, Teacher Yuan was the most loving, sighed, and stood up: “Forget it, forget it, let’s just go to assign homework. this is not a small matter that us teachers can adjust.”

The other teachers also all nodded one after another. However, as soon as they got up, they heard the voice on the radio and paused their feet.

They all looked at each other blankly.

So did all the students in the classroom. At this time, they all paused their movements and looked at the radio.

The students outside in the open also stopped for a moment, looking up in shock, listening to the sound of the radio all over the campus.

“Regarding Gu Shiyun’s recent incident of slandering me, there are clarification posts in the forum. I won’t explain more here.”

Her voice was very nice, clear and shallow, and everything she says seems to be floating without emotion.

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You don’t explain that? Then what are you trying to say?

After a moment, many students were confused.

“I have reported to the public security bureau about the incident in which Gu Shiyun and Li Wei jointly hurt me. I hope they can give me justice.”

Call the police?!

Gu Shiyun bowed her head, and trembled all over, losing her mind.

Report to the police? Was she going to jail? !

“Students, everyone has a past. I used to live in a calculated plot and became a bad form of myself. I can confront my own bad self calmly. I didn’t do anything hurtful. You can look down on my past, but you can’t hurt me on the ground of my past. I hope that students can be like me and rationally look at my past. At noon in the canteen, Liu Yueyue and Shen Tong from class 10 of year 2 poured soup on me. I hope they can apologize for this kind of behavior. “

Poured soup——

After a moment, the students of class 10 year two stared at Liu Yueyue and Shen Tong in disbelief.

They even poured soup on Gu Xuejiao because of the previous post? !

Now it’s time for the clarification post to spread widely. Many students felt sorry for Gu Xuejiao who suffered from these things. When they know that these two treated Gu Xuejiao like this, they couldn’t help but get angry.

In particular, one of the lovely girls with a round face. She has always thought of Xue Jiao as a goddess and even had written a “love letter” before. At this time, she was extremely angry.

“Liu Yueyue! Shen Tong! How can there be people like you in this world?! I thought you were just irritable, but there was actually something wrong with your character! ” The little girl glared at her.

They bowed their heads, crying while scared.

The others wanted to blame something, but the voice continued to come from the radio——

“That is what I want to tell you. I hope you can accept me now and forget the me from before.”

Xue Jiao’s voice paused for a moment.

“People will meet many things in their life, good and bad. No one knows what kind of twists and turns are waiting for us, and no one knows what kind of bad people they will meet. But please remember, as long as you are firm, it is impossible for people who are malicious to you to defeat you. I was not firm enough before and was knocked down by bad people. But I can still stand up again and get rid of the past. As long as life goes on, don’t give up. “

Xue Jiao blinked her eyes that were slightly wet.

Several young female teachers in the office burst into tears, and their feelings were far deeper than those of the students.

When they were a student, they didn’t do well on an exam, quarreled with a friend, and the person they liked didn’t like themselves……

A little bit of small things, just like the sky was   collapsing.

At that time, they were looking forward to growing up every day, as if the adult world was unrestrained, and full of free laughter.

Later, they really grew up.

Break up, divorce, illness, exclusion, loneliness……

Any one of the tribulations can make people cry bitterly, grieving to the extreme.

But no one could help you solve this problem. You can only wipe your tears while crying, and then you have to stumble all the way forward.

Only at that time can we understand how important it is to learn to say goodbye to the past and learn to work hard.

It’s the most precious spirit——to live well during hard times.

Not everyone has a person to hold up an umbrella in their life.

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  2. Why is she asking that they forget about the GXJ in the past. Even tho by an asian parent standard, she was “bad” but she was misled by malicious ppl and have li sitong as a parent so shes a victim. The current GXJ should be more kind with the identity shes inhabiting and not call her stupid.

    • She is foolish, though. Can’t differentiate between who really wants to harm her and who actually cares about her, not thinking her actions through. But I think what she’s trying to say now is asking to please overlook her past self and past mistakes, and only judge her based on her current actions.

    • You can take it as her wanting them to forget the ID that the old GXJ wore, since no one likes to be blamed for some crime they didn’t commit, especially when they’re trying to redeem themselves as a presentable member of society. Or consider it as her just wanting people to be aware that the past and the present are different.

    • It isn’t wrong. To forget the bad Gu XueJiao isn’t an easy thing, that is why she asked that. Human nature. Just like how this incident taught us. No matter how brilliant and excellent you are, your past can easily crawled out and strangled you. Without Zhihua, any other ordinary student might even get depressed and s**c*d*l thoughts… more over after they try so hard to change for a better version.

    • Current GXJ actually got right to called her “stupid”. With hot mess she left, anyone can feel headache… This one is even better than other transmigrated MCs, she’s calm and level-headed despite many mess/surprises she received.

  3. people are so easily manipulated lol

    i mean good they flipped it to the truth, but cringe all the ppl

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