WFILTU Chapter 223 – Police Station II

I’m sorry to take up everyone’s time. Thank you.”

Xue Jiao turned off the radio and let out a deep breath.

Today, she finally bid farewell to Gu Xuejiao’s life. From today on, the one who will be alive is Xue Jiao without Gu Xuejiao’s influence.

Gu Xuejiao, I’m sorry. I opened your past festering wound and returned you the truth.

Goodbye Gu Xuejiao. Xue Jiao will live well for you. I hope you can live happily in your new life.

You will have someone who cares, spoils, and loves you.

Xue Jiao felt her body loosen, as if some type of pressure on her body was completely removed, only leaving comfort and relaxation.

She walked out slowly with a smile on her lips.

“Alright, thank you for these two days.” Xue Jiao smiled and looked at them gratefully.

Cheng Mingze couldn’t laugh. He used to really dislike Gu Xuejiao, who always made a lot of noise. Sometimes he even thought it was bad to even glance at her more.

But today, when he really understood what Gu Xuejiao had experienced, he felt how narrow his viewpoint had been.

“Sorry……” Cheng Mingze slowly opened his mouth and pulled his hand tightly.

Xue Jiao chuckled: “I will accept it for the me from before, but I also wasn’t really understanding. You shouldn’t be apologetic to me.”

Cheng Mingze didn’t speak, and stared at her.

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Yi Tianyu also couldn’t laugh. His eyes were reddened. He quickly reached out and held Xue Jiao in his arms.

He was tall, and she was short. Her cheeks were close to Yi Tianyu’s chest.

“Nerd, I still like you now. You should always be the same as you are now, but if someone bullies you, you can tell me. Even if Brother Yu is to add on his life, I’ll help you. Whoever bullies you again will have to step on me first.” Yi Tianyu’s voicel was firm, and his chest vibrated, which made Xue Jiao feel numbing.

Cheng Mingze, with a black face, pulled away the person and hid Xue Jiao behind him.

“Jiao Jiao, there’s brother. Don’t listen to the nonsense of some people with only four developed limbs.”

“Weiweiwei, who only has four developed limbs?”

Cheng Mingze raised an eyebrow: “Are your limbs undeveloped?”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

He was so furious yet he was blocked by his words.

Xue Jiao lightly laughed, her eyes bending, obviously amused by the two people.

Cheng Mingze reached for her hand and rubbed her head.

Yi Tianyu also let go of his anger and scratched his head with a silly smile.

Xue Jiao laughed. Let it be if he got scolded for having a simple mind.

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  2. Great of the author to add that detail of honoring the ones they switched with, I’ve only seen some instances where the MC actually felt sad for the lost of the old host or wanted to live for themselves. Hell, usually they would just be tyrants and live like crazy now that their old self was dead, it’s like they never even tried to clarify it with the dead’s loved ones. I get the reason, I just don’t like the falsehood

    • I also liked that bit. Tbh, author had been weaved it since beginning because Xue Jiao had said since earlier chapter that she can felt many unresigned feeling of Gu XueJiao left in her heart. So even though Xue Jiao took over the body, she felt it is her obligation to resolve it before making this new life as her own life. Which is good. The great one is that everything Xue Jiao did is never the one she initiated just because “they are bad”. She just let them makes the first move and then bring out the original Gu Xue Jiao’s grievances and gave original a closure and the bad guy long due punishment. Chef kiss👌.

  3. T-T okay no offense to our ML… but the story of a himbo ml vs emotionally dense sis-con step bro is the romantic subplot im more engaged with.

    • I feel like this novel’s romantic plot is like a mantis stalking a cicada not knowing an oriole is behind. Obvs, Lin Zhihua is the oriole.

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