WFILTU Chapter 224 – Police Station III

When Xue Jiao returned to the classroom, there were people apologizing all along the way.

“Gu Xuejiao, I’m sorry. I apologize for my misunderstanding of you before. You have always been my goddess. Work hard!”

“Sorry, student Gu Xuejiao, I didn’t dare to stand up and speak out for you.”

“Goddess! Goddess! I like you, you must be happy every day from now on!”

“Gu Xuejiao, I’m sorry!”

“I’m sorry!”


Xue Jiao only nodded with a smile. She didn’t say it didn’t matter, and she didn’t have the right to say it didn’t matter. It was actually Gu Xuejiao who had suffered all this.

Today was destined to be an extraordinary day. The students apologized to Gu Xuejiao, and even the teachers did not assign much homework.

This was the May First holiday!

The amount of homework given was actually almost the same as the weekends.

Who let the teachers be so shocked that they even forget to assign a lot of homework.

Class two.

Gu Shiyun’s tears were constantly flowing. The place where the tears fell had been wetted, but no one talked to her and they all looked at her in disgust.

Once, she had raised eyes for Gu Xuejiao, but it was all returned to her today.

She had always wanted Gu Xuejiao to live in disgust in the eyes of others. Today, she also felt it.

This was what it was to dislike to the point that not even a word was to be spoken

After the assignment, the second class immediately broke up.

The girls who usually greet her when they have a holiday all ran away after class today.

It seemed as if something would happen if they glanced at her.

She could still hear someone outside the door——

“Darling, I’m really scared to death.”

“Is it the Gu Shiyun that we know?”

“When we used to say that Gu Xuejiao was not good, she never spoke up……”

“She may have been just holding it back!”

“I really want to scold her, but I’m afraid she would also scheme against me……”

“Me too! It’s like a poisonous snake!”


Gradually, there were not many students left in the classroom. After a while, several policemen came in.

“Where is Gu Shiyun?”

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“Boss, what should be done about Li Wei?” Chen Yan bowed his head respectfully.

Lin Zhihua wore headphones and listened to the voice of Xue Jiao inside. If anyone heard it, he would find that it is what Xue Jiao had said on the school radio.

There was not a word missing.

He placed down his headphones and waved his hand.

“Send her to the police station where Xue Jiao went. Let Li Wei bring the evidence by herself, and let her be honest.”


Chen Yan paused for a moment, then said: “Has the public relations department broken up yet?”

“En, disperse. Delete the post tonight at 8 p.m. and continue to control this matter to the extent only within those that know of Gu Xuejiao in W city. Do not expand the scope. In addition, don’t expose any pictures of Xue Jiao now. “


At this time, the phone rang. Lin Zhihua raised his mouth slightly, waved his hand, and Chen Yan left quickly.

When closing the door, Chen Yan heard his cold boss say two words very gently——

“Jiao Jiao.”

He closed the door and felt for the first time that anger on behalf of a girl would really happen to the boss.

Today, all the public relations departments were operating together. This little disturbance of the school can be said to be the highest standard of public relations.

They have to control it between the people who know Gu Xuejiao, and must also let the others become angry on her behalf.

They couldn’t stream out the photos and let anyone who doesn’t know Gu Xuejiao know what happened between this person and her.

It’s very expensive to operate in the middle.

However, Chen Yan turned to think about it from the flip side.

He thought that the operating cost was high, but the public relations department was working for the boss——which probably didn’t even count as an expense for the boss at all.

The more he thought about it, the poorer he felt 1 *so relatable hahaha, just living that poor life while living vicariously through novels 😂😂😂 .

He felt that it was more and more piercing to the heart.

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  1. Money rule the world… If you think about it, if our ML wasn’t a rich and powerfull CEO, his action of protecting (spying) the FL, who is a high shool student, from the dark, can be considered creepy, no?

    • It is creepy, doesn’t matter what you are. They could be the Adonis of the Universe for all I care and I would still treat them as trash if they did this to someone, even if they were the soft lamb that didn’t mind. Like, when did he hack the feed? Or did he use her phone to record everything? The man’s rich, and even if he didn’t do anything obvious, it’s still creepy knowing a guy can do this without your permission

  2. Okay, this is Phantom of the Opera level creepy. The ‘Benevolent Monster’ trope.
    That being said…he knows where the line is and doesn’t come close to it, and respects her personal perception of her privacy.

    • Yeah, he certainly is the Phantom in the Opera. But all this time, he had never imposed his wills and wants on her, that’s the bright line he’s been staying well away from. What she wants, he assists with, even if it’s something that he personally doesn’t feel happy about (her teaching her deskmate, for once).

      So, in his case, I accept him as a monster who still knows where the last lines are and keeps himself behind it.

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  4. I really always adore the poor cannon fodder assistants in these stories T-T work so hard get middle class pay, if the boss is a workaholic so much they be, boss is lazy they have to be a workaholic, boss falls in love now company business plus trying to manage the boss’s wooing strategy while covering in the company if he neglects, plus helping with face slapping, being a confidant, cheerleader, matchmaker, romantic advisor, wingman, managing the boss’s mood etc…. ALL HAIL THE ASSISTANT

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