SOOEW Chapter 173- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XIII

After glancing at the information provided by the assistant at random, she confirmed that the other party really took the line of comedians. She showed her good working condition, and even gave great appreciation to the best resources that the company could give to the comedian. She said, “Mr. Zong Yi is the leader in this field. I think it should be everyone’s consensus. I’m very optimistic about you. I think you are likely to be the teacher’s successor. “

“Oh.” Zhou Zhou glanced at her without any ups and downs. He turned to Wen Ying and said, “What about you?”

“Movie king.”

Compared with Liu Yi, Wen Ying has only two short words.


Liu Yi accidentally knocked over the cup and was splashed with coffee, but there was no time to deal with it. Instead, she looked at Wen Ying with the eyes that looked at a madman.

Was she deaf or was the other crazy?

Not only her, but Yun Ou’s expression also seemed to be solidified. She only knows that her sister wanted to win this person for sure, but she doesn’t know her position is so……daring.

Even Zhou Zhou was stunned. He frowned and took off his earphone first. “Say it again.”

“Do you like the trophy of a movie king?” Wen Ying’s eyes looked at him calmly and steadfastly. During the other’s stupefaction, she added with a smile, “Oh, by the way, Yang Sen was brought out by me. He just won the Golden Horn.”

“Yang Sen is my artist now!”

Liu Yi couldn’t help interrupting, but no one went to look at her.

After a period of silence, Zhou Zhou replied to her, “Forget it. Don’t joke around anymore.”

Wen Ying looked at Zhou Zhou and couldn’t help thinking of him in the future.

She can receive the future information, but because the information is too large, she only knew of the general content. If she wants to have a deep understanding, she needs to spend time paying attention to it. She saw an interview after Zhou Zhou became famous. It was his first and only time to explain his mind in front of the audience.

“I was born to become fat easily. In fact, I had a rough childhood. I should have been thin, but I was fat to the point that I got scolded a lot.” He laughed at himself, “My family didn’t have much money, but my parents were fond of gambling. When I was a child, the most I heard was the sound of people knocking on the door, and the most I saw was the dazzling red paint splashed on the front door. So I often don’t go home after school. I wander outside all day, watching the pedestrians on the street and the TV in the window of the shopping mall. I like to watch them and let myself go, substituting myself as them and thinking about a lot of things. That’s probably why I can quickly immerse myself in the roles. “

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“Once, I took part in the school’s art performance. No one in the class wanted to play a vicious supporting role. After my performance, my teacher was very surprised, and even my classmates were almost scared to cry by me. At that time, I suddenly realized that I might be gifted, and I’m not a common person……but I’m too fat. When I really embarked on this road, I found that no one would give the opportunity to the hands of a fatty. I tried to lose weight, but no one was optimistic. Over time, I also gave up. Later, I was seen by Director Wang, acted in his script, then became a bit famous. Director Wang once told me with pity that I wasted my talent. “

“I didn’t realize how stupid I used to be until he said this. Why should I care about other people’s words? Do I live for them? Is there anything so difficult that I can’t do in my life? If not, why don’t I try it?”

“If I can live life all over again, I will try my best.”

The host who interviewed him asked with a smile: “If you can start over, what kind of height do you think you can reach?”

“Movie emperor.” His tone was firm, and seeing the other side’s surprised expression, his eyes could not help but turn away, “This is the achievement that every actor wants to have. I am no exception, but I only think about it.”

Now, Wen Ying wakes him up with his own words: “Why should it just be dropped? Do you think I came here just to make fun of you? Sorry, my time is precious. Zhou Zhou, you have talent. You refuse me just because everyone tells you that you can’t do it. But why do you care about other people’s words? Do you live for them? What do you think is so difficult that you can’t do in your entire life? If it is not like that, then why don’t you try it? “

His young face was moved, “I……”

This was the first person besides himself to tell him that he definitely has talent.

“You complain that you don’t have a chance. I’m giving you this opportunity now. You have talent, but if you don’t use it——” she said indifferently, “then it’s just the most precious rubbish in the world.”

Ning Xiao filmed a new play on the set. He took a rain shot n times. After that, he became dazed. Then he got a message from his assistant, “It’s said that Wen Ying has signed a new person on from a small company.”

“Oh.” He bent on the sofa and agreed absently.

“It seems that he is about your age. You’d better not position yourself. Otherwise, there are only so many resources and it will be troublesome to fight.”

“Who can compete with me?” Even if the whole person was wilted, Ning Xiao could still confidently answer this sentence.

The assistant sneaked a look at him, then gave a slight cough, “This……it’s said that Sister Ying attaches great importance to this person. It’s said that she grabbed the person from Xing Chen. The competition was quite fierce! “

Ning Xiao heard this, and suddenly sat upright, “En? Repeat it again.”

“Anyways, that’s all that happened……Xiao Ge, where did you place the medicine? I’ll bring it to you. I have something to do at home today, and might have to go back first. You should sleep first. If you still feel uncomfortable, then call me again. “

“Wait!” After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded seriously, “You call her and say that the most popular, important and promising future movie emperor in her hand is ill. Let her come as soon as possible!”


Small theater:

Ning Xiao: I’m the favorite concubine in the harem! You, who have just entered the palace of promise, also dare to grab the affection with this concubine?!

Zhou Zhou: ……

Ning Xiao: Holy, it’s a fatty!

Zhou Zhou: ……better than an idiot.

Ning Xiao: Holy f***, it’s even a fatty that talks back!

Zhou Zhou:  Idiot.

Ning Xiao: F****** fatty!

Zhou Zhou: Idiot.

Ning Xiao: F****** fatty!

Zhou Zhou: Idiot.


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