WFILTU Chapter 225 – Police Station IV

“Thank you. You really helped me a lot.” Xue Jiao’s voice was light, full of gratitude and feeling.

Lin Zhihua chuckled, his voice coming out of his throat.

“I can’t let my apprentice, who I taught, be ruined here.”

Xue Jiao smiled, but still said it again, “Thank you.”

“Work harder. Wait until Beijing to invite me out to dinner.”

“Alright……” Xue Jiao said, then slightly paused, “Will you return to W City in the near future?”

“I was in W City during your summer vacation. Why?”

Xue Jiao laughed as she says: “In fact, there are many delicious food in W City. I can invite you out when you come back.”


In a flash, silence reigned.

Lin Zhihua once again opened his mouth: “Jiao Jiao, happy new life.”

Xue Jiao’s breath stunted.

It was unknown why, but she felt that Lin Zhihua seemed to know something. This feeling was very strong at this moment.

After hanging up, Xue Jiao covered her heart with her phone and shook her head.

She was probably overthinking it!

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Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong were a little confused when they received the call. How could Xue Jiao be in the police station or even sue Gu Shiyun?

Later, Cheng Mingze called.

“Dad, mom, I’m at the police station with Jiao Jiao. You can read two posts first. I’ve sent you a link. Don’t drive by yourself. Be careful on the road. “

Cheng Shuo hung up the phone, and Li Sitong carefully read the post. Uncle Xing was driving.

After a while, Cheng Shuo’s eyes were bloodshot.

Li Sitong instantly became at a loss and suddenly cried.

“Jiao Jiao——”

Cheng Shuo held her, patting and gnashing his teeth: “Gu Shiyun, I won’t let her go! So young, but so vicious!”

Li Sitong bit her teeth on Cheng Shuo’s wrist. At this moment, she was filled with hatred.

How can she! How can she!

When they arrived at the police station, Gu Jingxu and Wu Wanjun had already arrived. Their image was not better than Cheng Shuo’s. They both had pale and messy hair.

“Gu Xuejiao! Shiyun is your sister. Are you going to send her to prison? Are you still human? ” Wu Wanjun was furious.

Li Sitong broke away from Cheng Shuo, rushed to Wu Wanjun and slapped her.

For the first time, this woman who wants to have an image had no image at all——

“I pooh! Jiao Jiao isn’t right? Then what about Gu Shiyun?! She is so harmful when she is still young! She’s just like you! Gu Jingxu, look at the goods that surround you!”

“Li Sitong! How dare you hit me!”

“Pa——” Li Sitong slapped again, “I hit you, you son of a bitch.  I tell you, I want to kill you now!”

“Ahahah——” Wu Wanjun wanted to fight back. Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze came forward together and stopped her. Li Sitong slapped her again.

This one-sided fight lasted for several minutes, before the policewoman standing nearby finally spoke out——

“Be quiet! You are not allowed to move your hands and feet at the police station!”

She watched Li Sitong slap her face a few times before she yelled. Just after receiving the report and learning about the whole incident, she was also very angry.

If this was her daughter, she would also have the impulse to kill the mother and the daughter pair!

Hence, she didn’t make a sound just now. After a few hits, she made a serious sound.

“She hit me!” Wu Wanjun covered her face and looked at the police officer.

The policewoman nodded, looked at Li Sitong and said calmly, “Family members, please don’t get too excited.”


“Shut up!” Gu Jingxu threw Wu Wanjun aside and glared at her fiercely.

Suddenly, Wu Wanjun calmed down, just staring  at Gu Jingxu with tears on her face: “Shiyun is going to take the college entrance examination next year, Jingxu……you save her……”

Gu Jingxu’s face changed multiple times and finally turned decadent.

” Police comrade, how will this matter be dealt with?”

With a serious face, the policewoman looked at the crowd: “Li Wei has all confessed her guilt. Gu Shiyun is still recording her side. If the situation is true, she will be detained and controlled. If the circumstances are serious, she will bear the corresponding criminal responsibility.”

Wu Wanjun’s eyes darkened and she nearly fainted.

“Shiyun! My Shiyun!”

Gu Jingxu’s face was also gray. After a long time, he said in a hoarse voice, “Can we listen to the records? Shiyun……is still underage. “

The policewoman was silent for a moment and said, “But without our consent, you can’t speak casually.”

Gu Jingxu and Wu Wanjun were taken in, and only Xue Jiao and the others were left outside.

Li Sitong hugged Xue Jiao and wailed: “Jiao Jiao——mother has failed you!”

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  1. Wow!! This is the 1st novel I’ve read where police was involved in a case of bullying which is rightly so! *applause* thanks for the hard work!

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  3. there are no miranda rights in china? they can just secure a confession from a minor without the presence of a lawyer?

    • Even if there was, do you think they would have told her? This ain’t America, I don’t think they are forced to say the person’s rights for them. And would anyone really pick this case (if there wasn’t one hired by the parents) when the evidence are this stacked against a person?

    • Never heard of Miranda rights. I am from SEA. If juvenile is detained by police force, it depends on how fast the parents work. Confession can be secured anytime. There is a case where underage is detained as suspect of gang robbery. They informed the guardian but guardian had to take 5 to 6 hours to come (different districts). Interrogation will proceed without them or lawyers. Only the court law later that will punish them accordingly with juvenile law. And unlike in West where juvenile can only be punished with juvenile law, from where I am, depending on the severity of the crime, juvenile can be sentenced just like an adult. There is a case of juvenile killing I forgot another juvenile or adult woman.. the brutality of the crime made him trialed as adult and sentenced death in the end. And honestly, if the case is a lost cause, it is rare for a lawyer to even be hired. Unless you are children of influencial public figure and most of the sentence will be ridiculous as well.

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