WFILTU Chapter 226 – Police Station V

It never occurred to her that there were so many things behind Xue Jiao’s appearance. It turned out that she was beaten that time when she came back from a nightclub. She was cheated and almost…..:

She always thought that she was a very good mother. She cared for Xue Jiao and broke her heart into pieces worrying for her.

Even though the relationship between Xue Jiao and her was a little bit cold. She was not close to her and also not polite.

She just thought that she shouldn’t beat her and that her education method was wrong, but she loved her and cared about her.

It wasn’t until today that Li Sitong found that she was a mother who had completely failed!

Her marriage was interrupted by a Xiao San. She couldn’t clean up the Xiao San, but instead let the Xiao San and the illegitimate daughter almost harm her own daughter!

That post looked shocking. Almost, only a little bit. If it was not for Xue Jiao running off, what kind of tragedy would it lead to on that day?

Li Sitong did not even dare to think.

She didn’t dare to think about what happened to her daughter. She was really a mother that had failed miserably.

She never paid attention to what happened to her daughter, nor to her daughter’s psychological process.

“Jiao Jiao——“ Li Sitong cried bitterly.

Xue Jiao did not say anything. It was still that phrase, Xue Jiao is not qualified to forgive on behalf of Gu Xuejiao.

In the original text, she didn’t know that she was living in the deliberate distortion of others until she died. She didn’t even know that her annoying character and behavior were taught by others.

Cheng Shuo reached out and hugged them together.

He was also wrong. He felt that his stepdaughter was not easy to manage. He never cared what she suffered.

After a while, Gu Jingxu came out with Gu Shiyun.

“How did she come out?” Li Sitong’s eyes widened.

“She is a minor and can be released on bail.” The police explained.

Li Sitong gritted her teeth: “Gu Shiyun, I will not let you go!”

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Gu Shiyun’s face was pale. Her eyes moved to Cheng Mingze, and her eyes were angry and hateful.

That’s right, Cheng Mingze will hate her very much in the future, right?

Even though she liked him so much, there was no hope anymore……

Gu Shiyun raised her voice and looked at Xue Jiao. Her voice was trembling but calm——

“I don’t like Gu Xuejiao. I’m envious of her, so I hope Li Wei will take her onto the bad road. I was young at that time. My goal was to vent my anger and make her do poorly. I didn’t instigate Li Wei to find someone to seduce her. My purpose was to keep her away from home at night. “

“Gu Shiyun!” Li Sitong angrily shouted, and was about to rush up, but was stopped by Cheng Shuo and the others.

Cheng Shuo looked at Gu Shiyun and sneered: “No wonder you can do such a thing at such a young age. Your calculation is really good.”

Yes, according to her words, she was just trying to vent her anger and make Xue Jiao’s performance worse. She was not the person who directly executed it. She was young at that time. Even now, she is still a minor. In this case, she doesn’t even need to be detained……

Gu Shiyun said calmly, “What I said is true.”

“Li Wei confessed?” Cheng Mingze looked at the police.

“She pleaded guilty……she admitted that Gu Shiyun abetted her to find someone to seduce Xue Jiao, but there is no direct evidence. ” The police were also very helpless. In the screenshot, Gu Shiyun didn’t mention what to do at all. It was all Li Wei’s own words.

As for any other instigations, it has little influence and does not constitute a crime at all.

“How would Li Wei be judged?” Cheng Mingze continued to ask.

“She has already become an adult, and the godbrother Li Wei found before has already come to plead guilty. She will bear the corresponding criminal responsibility.”

Cheng Mingze nodded and looked at Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong: “So now, there is only Gu Shiyun and Jiao Jiao’s problems, and how Gu Shiyun’s responsibility can be fulfilled.”

Gu Shiyun’s heart ached. The person she likes……was thinking about how to lock her in……

“Gu Shiyun, if you still have conscience, you will admit it yourself!” Li Sitong’s voice was cold and angry.

Gu Shiyun bowed her head slightly. How could she recognize it? If she recognizes it, what should she do in the future?

She’s so young, she can’t be destroyed!

Even if everyone scolded her, it’s better than going to prison!

“I’ve recognized my wrongdoing. Why should I recognize what has nothing to do with me?”

“Pa——” Gu Jingxu slapped Gu Shiyun on the face.

This slap was forceful. Half of Gu Shiyun’s face immediately reddened, swelling up slightly.

“Shiyun!” Wu Wanjun rushed forward.

Gu Jingxu’s face was black and frightening. He slapped Wu Wanjun and said, “This is the daughter you raised!”

He turned around and slapped Gu Shiyun on the other half of her face. Immediately, both sides of her face turned red and slightly swollen.

Gu Shiyun’s tears couldn’t stop. She looked at Gu Jingxu blankly.

Gradually, resentment rose in her eyes. Her father also stood by Gu Xuejiao!

Gu Jingxu inhaled deeply and roared: “Gu Shiyun! Apologize to Jiao Jiao! “

Gu Shiyun was stunned for a long time. She seemed to understand something. She covered her face and said to Xue Jiao, “I’m sorry.”

Xue Jiao didn’t speak.

Gu Jingxu pulled out a difficult small smile to Xue Jiao——

“Jiao Jiao, Gu Shiyun is still young. She’s your little sister. I’ll teach her better in the future. You should just forgive her this time.”

“Gu Jingxu, are you still speaking human?” Li Sitong’s eyes widened and she wanted to rush towards Gu Jingxu to beat him to death.

Gu Jingxu inhaled deeply: “Isn’t there nothing wrong with Jiao Jiao? Jiao Jiao is so excellent now, which shows that Gu Shiyun didn’t make a big mistake. She is still young, and her life will be ruined when she goes to prison……give her a chance……”

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  1. Like her mindset about the mom she should also applied this mindset to that bitch. Do not forgive her cuz you dont have the right as you’re the ‘real xuejiao’. Let her pay!!

  2. Isn’t Gu Shiyun the original female lead ? as expected of someone with the the FL’halo, just as hard to get rid of as a cockroach…

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  4. As someone who sympathises with Xue Jiao, I would’ve wanted to put Shiyun in jail. But as somebody who knows that Chinese prison is certainly not one that educates and focuses on making well-adjusted members of society out of convicted people, I can’t in good conscience send her into one.

    Maybe send her into a juvenile detention place, but let the records be wiped once she’s out? That would be pretty fair and also give her enough opportunity to continue her life afterwards. If she still tries to scheme after that, well, the ML is going to make sure her body doesn’t even have enough pieces left to be buried anywhere.

    • The girl schemed against someone for YEARS, planning on letting her own half-sister get r*ped and had the recordings to insinuate something devious. If something really did happen, and no one brought it up to light that day, Shiyun would have most likely posted it when Xuejiao was at the top of her career.

      Without the support she has now, or if this was an entirely different person, would they be able to stand a petty brat wanting to cut them from society because they felt inferior??? Not only is that admitting she’s scum, but the fact that she was willing to do this with a fickle mind. I don’t care if she is the FL or the author, I’d kill her if I found out someone close to me suffered because of these kind of trash.

      Trash like these are definitely natural-born, there’s no telling what they would do if they could. Destroy them now and save lives later.

    • In the novel she eventually succeeds in having her raped, taped, blackmailed and die miserably. Her parents suck but there are a lot of shitty parents and not all of their kids will turn out like that.

  5. Gu Scumbag is such a hypocrite. The mistress certainly didn’t raise Shinyu right but he acts like raising her was her job alone…

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