SOOEW Chapter 174- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XIV

Ning Xiao’s assistant turned a deaf ear to these series of words. He has been around Ning Xiao for some time and knows his temper well. Usually, a person with teeth and claws is like this in private if he gets a little hurt. He naturally won’t convey the original words to Wen Ying. In his opinion, Young Master Ning was sick and his head was burnt. He wants to find someone to act spoiled too. If he really says the original words, the next day, if Ning Xiao wakes up and repents, wouldn’t he be the one killed!

But it’s not good to just cover up and not say it. He was afraid he would make trouble now.

So he called Wen Ying, confirmed that the other party would come, and ran back with ease.

When Wen Ying arrived, it was already late outside. Because it was the first time she came, she couldn’t help but eye Ning Xiao’s home. His home’s environment wasn’t bad, and he had earned a lot of money working in this field quite early. According to his flaunting personality, his family is not magnificent, but should still be full of luxuries, but unexpectedly, he chose the pure white solid wood pastoral style, which makes one feel peaceful at home.

It was a bit of a surprise to her.

In fact, there were more than four relatively bright light spots on the light source map of the world, but if she does not have the identity of an agent, she may only choose one or two of them. This body undoubtedly brought a lot of convenience. Of course, no matter what she chose, Ning Xiao will be one of her choices, because he needed a person to pull him up.

A man who was bound to drown by himself was pulled to the shore by her, which also made her feel that she wanted to take good care of him more than others.

So even if the current arrangement for Zhou Zhou was more important, when she heard that he was ill because of filming, she still decided to put down the work in her hand.

As soon as she entered the bedroom, she saw Ning Xiao lying on the bed humming, in a better state than she imagined.

“Have you eaten the medicine?”

Ning Xiao raised his head slightly from the pillow and looked to the side. He only exposed a single watery eye——he had a fever and couldn’t help but drop water from his eyes. “Hng.” He voiced a sound of unknown meaning and buried his head back.

He doesn’t respond, so Wen Ying opened the drawer to look for medicine, and then she found……a box of eye-catching Durex.

“Super slim……”

She quietly read it halfway through, but the other person rushed over to cover her mouth. His beautiful eyes narrowed and his tone harshly said, “Shut up!” It was unknown if his ears were burning red because of his fever or in anger.

Her eyes slid down his face. He seemed to have been lit on fire. The whole person was on fire.

He quickly threw it back into the drawer and slammed it shut.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“There is none!”

He thought he was going to say something, but she looked at him and said, “It doesn’t matter if you have, but you have to tell me, you know? If you have any reservations, it would be hard for me to take care of these things. “

He was a little annoyed by her strict attitude towards work. “……I already said that I don’t have! It must have been placed there by my brother. He borrowed the house from me a few days ago……”

In the middle of his explanation, he was a little frustrated. Before he finished his words, he went back to pretending to be dead and refused to even let her ask questions regarding dinner.

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It wasn’t until she made a decision that he had a little reaction, but it had nothing to do with dinner. Instead, he asked, “Who are you signing on? Are they from Xing Chen? “

“It’s not Xing Chen. It’s just a small company.” When she saw the person finally get out of his “snail shell”, she went to look at his forehead. It was a little hot, but it didn’t burn to a serious degree. In addition, when she saw the glass of water at the head of the bed, she thought that he had probably taken some medicine.

The woman’s cold hand on the hot forehead made the person comfortable enough to sigh.

Ning Xiao awkwardly turned his face slightly, “Oh.”

In fact, he could find that Wen Ying was different from other agents. Not every agent would take care of their artists like her. Just like this time when he was sick, he took medicine and had a rest. Everything was fine. Even if she didn’t come, he could get up and order food by himself, but she still came. When they sign a new person, they should be very busy considering positioning, planning direction and looking for resources.

But she still came.

He stressed again in his heart. So he was really still the most important artist under her name.

Probably because of illness, the person’s nerves were particularly fragile. When he saw her busy appearance, his heart was extremely soft. Originally, he was dependent on her because he was pulled out of the bottom of the valley by her. He couldn’t help breeding even more of this dependence.

After eating the porridge, he unconsciously grabbed her and said, “Keep me company for a while.”

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