SOOEW Chapter 172- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XII

She was carrying the coffee with her legs folded to one side, and let out the momentum of her deliberate convergence in front of Yang Sen. When she talks and does things with Yang Sen, she is gentle, like water, which makes people feel that there is no attack at all. But her current state of talking is really in line with her identity as an agent.

Liu Yi did not look at Yun Ou, but talked to the person in charge of the small company: “I’m willing to pay double the compensation.”

The person in charge was immediately overjoyed.

“Sister Liu Yi is worthy of being the daughter of Xing Chen’s shareholder. If you say it is doubled, it will be doubled.” Yun Ou was dissatisfied with her neglect, choked, “If you really want to fight, Huandi and Xing Chen are equal, and may not place this small amount of money in their sight.”

Liu Yi glanced at her lightly and raised a smile on her lips. “Well said, I’m the daughter of Xing Chen’s shareholder. I can be the master of this, but how about you?”

Can you represent Huandi?

Her unspoken subtext made Yun Ou unable to respond, so that when she saw Wen Ying, her eyes were shining, like a child who was being bullied  and saw their loved ones!

The moment when Wen Ying’s sounded throughout the reception hall, it attracted everyone’s attention. Liu Yi tensed her nerves for a moment and entered a state of preparation.

Wen Ying didn’t pick up on her topic. As soon as she sat down, she said, “Since both sides are interested, let’s call Zhou Zhou out and talk face to face.”

“Sister!” Yun Ou gave a low cry and winked at her.

She had been hiding the person’s name all the time. Liu Yi only knew that there was someone she liked, but she didn’t know who it was.

“It’s nothing.” She patted You Ou on the shoulder, comforted her, and told the person in charge frankly, “The most important thing is the intention of the contractor, and other details will be discussed after he makes a decision.”

Yun Ou only reacted now. They were only driving up the price in vain here, and will only fatten the small company’s purse!

At ordinary times, she would not fight just for her spirit, but she had a deep prejudice against Liu Yi, which affected her judgment. She saw Liu Yi straighten her back after hearing Wen Ying’s words. She couldn’t help but quietly feel cool. So what if your family background is good? The things you do still can’t keep up with my sister .

In fact, Liu Yi didn’t care so much whether Wen Ying was weak at the beginning. What she was more concerned about was the aptitude of the person she saw. Although she always thinks that Wen Ying was not suitable to be an agent, the biggest weakness of the other party is that she does not know how to take care of the artist’s emotions, but it can not be refuted that her eyes are very accurate. Not mentioning Yang Sen, even those artists she did not manage carefully were regarded as the main role after she left and were assigned to other people’s names.

So as soon as she heard that Wen Ying seemed to be interested in an artist of the company, and even Yun Ou was sent here, she came immediately. Even if Yun Ou covered it very tightly that she can’t find out who it is, she doesn’t care. It’s not a big deal to sign more and pick out the best ones.

She didn’t expect that Wen Ying would be so generous that she brought out the name.

Zhou Zhou?

She searched in her mind, but couldn’t think of a corresponding star role. Also, if he was a relatively red person, her assistant can identify it at the beginning.

However, even though she was ready, she almost spilled the coffee in her cup when she saw Zhou Zhou.

A fatty? !

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Generally speaking, fat people don’t have any good appearances, because their facial features are  not shaped due to the swollen skin, so is Zhou Zhou 1 *Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I highly disagree with this view . Letting Ning Xiao wear a denim T-shirt displays an invincible youth yet on him, it is just like thrusting a fat dead fish in a plastic bag picked from a vegetable market.

Fortunately, a comedian is also a star, and his style has been taken care of. At least he was clean and refreshing.

He was different from the TV program. Before he came in, he placed earphones in his ears. When he saw the people present, no matter who they were, he just glanced at them, almost without any reaction. Even if the person in charge explained the situation to him, he didn’t feel moved because he heard the names of the two big companies. His private image was totally different from his comedic  image on TV.

“Well, what kind of treatment will I get if I transfer to your company?” He pressed twice on the screen of his mobile phone, like pausing his music, but didn’t take off his headset, and asked casually.

Liu Yi hesitated when she saw his image. Yes, fat people can lose weight and become handsome after losing weight, but……handsome youngsters,  was that something the company lacked? If he doesn’t lose weight, then his status is a comedic star, it doesn’t mean that a comedy actor is not good, a comedian has the advantages of the comedy star, but what she wants is a second movie king, someone who can prove her ability is better than Wen Ying, not a comedian!

In her opinion, this person is not even ambitious and exposes indifference to the meeting that can decide his future.

What does Wen Ying like in such a person? She had never doubted Wen Ying’s eyesight but she has started to now.

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  2. The moment that you tried to steal any of the artists that Wen Ying had laid her eyes on proves just how incompetent you are. What proving your abilities? You’re still using Wen Ying’s ability at the end. What a load of bull****

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