WFILTU Chapter 217 – Clarify I

“What?” Xue Jiao was stunned. For a moment, she thought that she had heard wrong?

Post? Li Wei?

Does Lin Zhihua know?

Why is Li Wei over at Lin Zhihua’s?

“Jiao Jiao, I know about the situation that occurred at school. It’s very difficult not to deal with it properly. Gossip is enough to force people to death. Some people, regardless of others, believe that there is no fire without wind. ” The voice on the other end of the phone was calm, but full of worry.

Xue Jiao is not a fool. She knows that Lin Zhihua is just worried about her.

She sighed slightly, and her voice became a little helpless: “I know that the photo is really the me from before. I didn’t understand logic before. If I did something wrong, I should bear the consequences, and clarify what should not be put on my head. As for the rest, let them say whatever. “

Lin Zhihua is slightly surprised. Few girls in this grade are so calm.

“Don’t you feel bad?”

Xue Jiao shook her head and then remembered that he couldn’t see her, so she said, “I can’t help what they say. People live for themselves all their lives. No matter how well I do, some people will not like me. In addition to saying a few words, they have no way to do anything to me. The achievements are mine, the brilliance is mine, and the progress is mine. “

Staring at others can’t make you better. People who always care about others’ opinions can’t live comfortably.

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The other person on the phone paused for a while, then light laughter traversed over.

This is what people do in their whole life, but few people can do it in this society.

Otherwise, how could those two people in the family force him to get married and have children?

Weren’t they also afraid of gossip.

Lin’s parents have lived for most of their lives, but none of them can understand this logic.

Lin Zhihua doesn’t care what other people say behind his back, but they can’t stand in his way.

If they reach out in front of him, he will cut off their hands. If they say something disobedient in front of him, there would be no need to speak.

Xue Jiao doesn’t care about gossip. His heart aches for his girl. He can’t let her be wronged in vain.

“You’re right, but some people must be removed from their roots. Even if Li Wei’s problem is solved, the snake behind it is still in the eye. Dig out the snake and find a way to make it clear so that other people will never notice you again. “

Xue Jiao was stunned again. She had thought about it before. Li Wei’s hatred for her was that there were others behind her.

Besides……even if we find Li Wei to clarify, there will be people who will hold on to her and not let go. If the gossip goes out, she will be affected no matter what.

“But Li Wei clarified that I used to……”

The person on the other end of the phone laughed lightly and then said: “Nationals all love to watch hyped gossip. No matter what their age is, they all are like this. The most perfect solution to your problem is to have a bigger gossip to attract their attention. “

“What kind of hype?” Xue Jiao doubted.

“The illegitimate younger sister paid someone to lead her sister down the wrong road, cheated her sister into the nightclub in an attempt to destroy her sister. After her failure, she took fake photos and slandered her sister again.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was faint.

Xue Jiao:“……”

It turns out that Gu Shiyun was behind Li Wei!

She had never thought that a teenage girl could be this bad!

Xue Jiao took a deep breath.

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  1. Instead of Lin Zhihua, it would have been better if Chen Mingze discovered the truth: after all, what could hurt Gu Shiyun the most, other than being hated by her beloved ?

    • +1 on the poetic justice front. Agreed. I suppose Chen Mingze is still going to find out in the end with this.

    • I hope Zhihua will do it that way. Letting JiaoJiao knows and then “inadvertly” gave his finding to Mingzhe.. so Mingzhe can settled it with Shiyun hahaha. But I doubt it 😅. Zhihua… will he be interested enough to know Shiyun liked Mingzhe?

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  3. And here I was starting to feel sorry for Shinyu for having shitty parents… I guess she learned a bit to much from them.

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