SFMCS Chapter 3

After this succession of barehanded catches, the people who originally surrounded Shizhi unknowingly dispersed. The assistants and security guards besides Shizhi also seized the time to rush out of the siege carrying Shizhi who had two raw eggs packed in her LV.

After Shizhi left, a video spread on the Internet.

This time, it was not a deluge of curses, but rather, it brought about uniformed question marks. 

In the video, Shizhi caught the eggs with her left hand, lifted it with her right hand, and clipped the mirror with her fingers. The entire video flowed without any trace of editing.

In the middle of the sea of question marks, someone finally said all the doubts of the netizens.

“What’s the matter, Shizhi couldn’t mingle in the entertainment industry anymore so she began to develop in the acrobatics world?”

Don’t say, these acrobatics were really good. Totally marvelous. It was completely unexpected that Shizhi has such talent.


After being abused for several days in a row, the main cause of the show who suddenly was quietly developing towards acrobats in the hearts of netizens, was now sitting on the bench with a serious face.

An hour ago, when Shizhi was crazily cueing the Quick Transmigration Department, a mechanical reminder finally appeared in her mind. As an employee of the Bureau, Shizhi was no less familiar with this sound which belongs to the system, than the school’s bell.

In order to get to know the situation with the system, Shizhi didn’t even pay much attention to the so-called boss of the company, and quickly rushed back to the residence of this body.

The system also did explain.

Shizhi’s world was a shuangwen of the entertainment industry’s counter attack. In this novel, the female owner of the shuangwen, after experiencing blackening from the whole network and crazy attacks from the male idol’s fans, and was unable to eat or drink, she rebounded from the bottom, and embarked on a female main storyline of meeting God, killing God, meeting Buddha, killing Buddha, thus successfully stepping onto the peak of life…… 

Shizhi asked, “But what does this have to do with me?”

She knows that retirees like her who do not go back to the real world will be assigned to a small world. She has read many similar online articles and has even done corresponding tasks.

But what’s the point of giving her such a detailed background?

She came here to live out her years.

Although Shizhi has a bad premonition, when the system said that the identity she transmigrated into this time was the shuangwen’s original female owner, and it was even at the low period before her rise, Shizhi still can’t help but curse the mother.

She took a deep breath. “I am applying to contact the headquarters. Now there is a mistake, which is different from the conditions I asked for before.” Not only is it different, it doesn’t meet Shizhi’s expectations at all.

At this time, Shizhi still had a little bit of expectation for the conscience of the Quick Transmigration Bureau. Such a big department, with such an obvious loophole, there was no reason for it to be so black and shameless, right?

The system was silent for a period of time. After a while, it said, [There is not a big difference, beauty and a good figure are all there. Money……]

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Shizhi used her strength to point at the empty rental house without much furniture and the floor even had a leaking basin, to let the system consider clearly before speaking.

When introducing the original background, Shizhi had already felt that this shuangwen female owner was facing a black spot that she was being raised by a sugar daddy.

She was being raised, and she only lived here?

After the system paused, it continued to tell Shizhi that there would definitely be money, and that Shizhi would become part of the richest family in the district. As long as she hurries up and walks the path of the shuangwen mistress, she would be found by the housekeeper, letting her go back to inherit her inheritance.

Shizhi was wrong. She was wrong because she shouldn’t have an expectation for the Quick Transmigration Bureau to have a conscience. There was no such thing at all. It was really black and really shameless.

After they made a mistake, they didn’t plan to correct it and let her, an innocent retiree, pay for it. What were the 999 tasks she did? Was there no labor bureau or Social Security Bureau to manage them?

After Shizhi clearly saw the truth, she finally tore her face, and quickly began to curse. 

It was the first time for the system to see that a woman’s face would change so fast. It didn’t take long for her to switch from a mild company slave to a grumpy old woman.

“Wait a minute.”

Shizhi temporarily paused her irascible utterances. She had noticed something, and rushed towards the kitchen stove.

There were two eggs cooking gululu in the stove pot. They were the two eggs that the male idol fans had smashed at her before and that she had finally put into the LV bag.

The LV bag was taken away by the company. The original had a poor jingle and all her clothes were arranged by the company. The two eggs were not easy to carry, and Shizhi had to borrow a plastic bag from the staff to carry it back.

There was nothing to eat in this small shabby room, so the two eggs were boiled by Shizhi.

In the original story, the shuangwen’s female owner, Shizhi, was hit on her forehead with an egg by the male idol fan. She was in a mess and was photographed into an ugly picture, thus starting her journey of fighting for hegemony in the entertainment industry.

Instead, now, Shizhi brought out the two eggs from the pot. She doesn’t know which one had opened the original plot. She measured them for a few seconds, and then knocked them down towards the edge of the table.

When the eggshell cracked twice in succession, Shizhi looked at the perfect shape in the eggshell and the protein emitting soft light under the light, exposing her first happy smile since she transmigrated here.

It was cooked and ready to eat.

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