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SFMCS Chapter 3

After this succession of barehanded catches, the people who originally surrounded Shizhi unknowingly dispersed. The assistants and security guards besides Shizhi also seized the time to rush out of the siege carrying Shizhi who had two raw eggs packed in her LV. After Shizhi left, a video spread on the Internet. This time, it was not a deluge of curses, but rather, it brought … Read More SFMCS Chapter 3

SFMCS Chapter 2

But half a second later, the egg did not break into flowers on Shizhi’s face. Shizhi suddenly raised her hand and blocked in front of her face. The two eggs fell steadily in her palm. Flawless and perfect. …… The steps of Shizhi’s movement were precise and smooth. The people who were originally yelling and scolding noisily in the surroundings all calmed down.  Male … Read More SFMCS Chapter 2

SFMCS Chapter 1

Shizhi closed her eyes, lying flat. Her hands were folded on top of her flat body, and the entire body was extremely devout.  She looked to be calm, but whether it was her crazily shaking eyelids, or the uncontrollable upward tilt of her mouth, it was all exposing her inner happiness. Because—— She could finally retire. Shizhi worked in the Quick Transmigration Bureau before. … Read More SFMCS Chapter 1

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