SFMCS Chapter 2

But half a second later, the egg did not break into flowers on Shizhi’s face. Shizhi suddenly raised her hand and blocked in front of her face. The two eggs fell steadily in her palm.

Flawless and perfect.


The steps of Shizhi’s movement were precise and smooth. The people who were originally yelling and scolding noisily in the surroundings all calmed down. 

Male Idol Fans: ??? What kind of special situation was this?

Shizhi twisted her brows, then lowered her head to glance at the eggs in her hand. She also didn’t know what the situation was. 

Where was the retirement that she had discussed?

However, Shizhi still walked towards a direction while holding the two eggs. She finally stood in front of a girl who had a round face. 

Shizhi opened her mouth, “Is this egg yours?”

The round-faced sister blushed a deep red. She had smashed the egg, scolded the person, but within the crowd, she could wantonly attack the other person. When she really was standing face-to-face with Shizhi, she started to turn timid.

The other party was really beautiful, her scent was fragrant, and was a beautiful older little sister that was hard to meet in reality.

The round-faced sister seemed to have lost her courage, but still whispered an answer, “En.”

Shizhi said, “Oh, then let me give it to you.”

She spread out her hand, but the round-faced girl was completely embarrassed and didn’t dare to reach for it. She even backed up two steps: “……I don’t want it anymore.”

Shi Zhi classified this as a gift, “Is this for me?”

The round-faced girl: Ah?

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Shizhi said, “Thank you.”

As she said this, under everyone’s strange gaze, she calmly placed the two eggs into her LV bag 1 *rip to that LV bag lol  

“Pretend for s***!”

Shizhi had just placed the eggs into her bag, when another curse broke the silence from the side. This time, it was a personal handheld mirror that swept towards Shizhi. The sharp edge glinted under the sunlight. 

Compared with this, the egg just now seems very mild. If the mirror was a little careless, it would scratch her face, which was fatal to actors who depend on their face to eat.

Her scratch did not reach. 

This time, Shizhi caught the mirror with two fingers. 2 *LMAO idol drama? Or…… comedic relief???


The surroundings quieted down again. Shizhi did not worry about their reactions and twisted the mirror to face her face.  

A beautiful face appeared in the mirror, very similar to her original appearance, but it was enhanced in beauty. This was in line with Shizhi’s expectation of beauty.

This undoubtedly let Shizhi be a little relieved. Although she was not clear about the situation, it was first an egg, and then a mirror; one accident after another that led Shizhi to realize that there was probably a situation that had occurred. 

Fortunately, her appearance was beautiful, her figure……without carefully studying, it should be pretty good.

Shizhi acted as before, and went in front of the girl who threw the mirror. The girl’s arrogance had left and even had a moment where she thought Shizhi would hit her. 

Shizhi only tossed the mirror to the other, and used a heavy tone to educate the other, “don’t throw things randomly about.”

At that moment, the girl seemed to feel the death gaze from her old father.

The girl chickened out. 

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