WFILTU Chapter 213 – Truth II

After the parents’ meeting, Xue Jiao put all her heart into her study. Chu Sheng has already caught up with her. If there is any slack, she will lose first place.

Although Cheng Mingze was about to take the college entrance examination, because he has already been recommended, the pressure is not great.

He continued to stay with Yi Tianyu and others in the school team. The basketball team of Qi Zhong school also entered the finals. He was about to compete for the provincial championship with the famous high school in sports. If he won, he would be brilliant. If he lost……there would be nothing.

This was the stepping stone for Yi Tianyu to go to a good university and the shortcut to shorten the distance between him and Xue Jiao. It was conceivable that this competition is very important to him.

The time of the game was May first, perfectly the day they had off.

“Nerd, are you going to see it then?” Yi Tianyu was very timid.

“Go ah.”

All of a sudden, Yi Tianyu’s mood flew up and his mouth split open.

“My whole family is going.” Xue Jiao didn’t look up, and just casually added a sentence.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

That’s right oh, Cheng Mingze also was competing. Of course, Xue Jiao’s family will go……

Yi Tianyu looked at Xue Jiao, a little depressed.

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“Mom, I’m back.” When Gu Shiyun returned home with her bag on her back, Wu Wanjun sat on the sofa with tears on his face.

Gu Shiyun quickly threw her schoolbag to the auntie, completely ignoring her heavy school bag that caused the auntie’s body to whirl. It was hard for her to catch the schoolbag and stabilize herself. Then she covered her stomach and crumpled her eyebrows.

“Mom? What’s the matter with you? ” Gu Shiyun anxiously sat down beside Wu Wanjun.

Wu Wanjun cried harder.


Wu Wanjun pulled out a tissue and wiped her tears.

“Your father has been fascinated by other goblins!”

“What?” Gu Shiyun’s eyes widened and her face was full of disbelief, “How could it be? !”

“Your father is often away from home this week. There must be someone outside!” Wu Wanjun said indignantly.

Gu Shiyun was relieved: “Mom, don’t think too much about it. Isn’t dad good enough to you?”

Her mother had no evidence, so she took it for granted that her mother thought too much.

“Shiyun! Whether a man’s heart is still there? Whether he has someone outside? Could your mother not know? ” Wu Wanjun raised her voice.

After a moment, Gu Shiyun felt embarrassed.

That’s right, that’s how her mother got this position. Naturally, she knows best.

“Mother……are you sure? ” Gu Shiyun’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Sure!” Wu Wanjun wiped her eyes and said firmly, “Ever since the parents’ meeting on Monday, your father has not been at home much!”

Her voice suddenly dropped, suspiciously saying: “Shiyun, you say, has your father and Li Sitong hook up again?”

“No way!” Gu Shiyun raised her voice. With a man like Cheng Mingze’s father, Li Sitong was crazy to hook up with Gu Jingxu.

“I also don’t think so. There must be other goblins!” Wu Wanjun gritted her teeth.

Gu Shiyun fell into silence. She used to be complacent about her family, but it seems that this was all it was……

She used to be so envious of Xue Jiao, and she was very lucky after she got it. All this was just a short-term happiness.

Wu Wanjun was still crying. Gu Shiyun’s eyes were bright and dark. It was unknown what she was thinking.



A hot post suddenly appeared on the school forum, with big capital letters on it——this is what your goddess actually looks like!!

First, many photos of Gu Xuejiao were placed in a row, showing her early red hair that was like a ghost. Second, she was sitting in a nightclub. Because of the angle problem, the last one seemed like she was sticking to a strong man with a tiger’s head tattooed on his other arm.

Do you see this? Your goddesses like to go to nightclubs, open rooms casually with men and have one night stands!

It was followed by words——Gu Xuejiao, this oil bottle who followed her mother to marry into the Cheng family has become siblings with Cheng Mingze. Her stepfather was a well-known rich man.

It was another picture of a chat record.

The content was only a few words——

A: Why haven’t you come out recently?

Gu Xuejiao: Mingze is at home.

A: You like him this much?

Gu Xuejiao: Of course, I like him very much, so very much.

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  1. Gu Shiyun’s deed, they will certainly uncover it; once done she will definitively lose a lot. And I can’t wait for her fall down.

  2. Lol… even Shiyun and her mother agree that Xuejiao’s mother upgraded when she got a new husband xD

    • Cheng Shuo can certainly hold his head high knowing that people consider him much better than that slag man!

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  4. A cheater is a cheater and will cheat again. They view grass as greener on the other side~


  5. The feud GSY has with GXJ is at least way more comprehensible than with CMJ (the one who went nutty). There’s actual psychological burden on each other since their birth. Still don’t understand why CMJ was nipping at GXJ’s heels. Her distaste for such a random and at the time rogue and vile step-cousin is understandable but wouldn’t you rather want to keep a distance and pretend the other person is unrelated to you like GSY does?

    • I think Cheng Mingjiao did keep her distance from Xue Jiao originally. Remember no one knows they are cousins until Mingjiao outburst that Xue Jiao is a vixen like Li Sitong that married Cheng Shou. She just jabbed her privately, to rile her up and she won sympathy after everytine. Cheng Mingjiao misfortune happened after Xue Jiao took over. It is because someone she deemed as clown become a beautiful princess after she sheds her skin. It had been mentioned multiple time that what Cheng Mingjiao can’t stand is Xue Jiao’s beautiful face. The grades and whatnot comes after. Everytime she saw Xue Jiao’a face, she is triggered. Not helping that Yi Tianyu is someone she secretly crushed. So yeah. I can also understand Cheng Mingjiao’s side. She is the most beautiful in the family and in her class, then someone easily gained that title. As a vain spoiled princess, that is definitely intolerable. The difference between Mingjiao and Shiyun actions also told a lot. Mingjiao is bona fide princess so she acted straightforwards and lost utterly, droven crazy. Shiyun is bona fide illegitimate child so she acted shrewly and cowardly, hidden deeply, because she can’t afford to lose. Mingjiao, despite being crazy is still loved by her parents, grandparents and relatives. What do Shiyun had if her acts are exposed?

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