SFMCS Chapter 1

Shizhi closed her eyes, lying flat. Her hands were folded on top of her flat body, and the entire body was extremely devout. 

She looked to be calm, but whether it was her crazily shaking eyelids, or the uncontrollable upward tilt of her mouth, it was all exposing her inner happiness.


She could finally retire.

Shizhi worked in the Quick Transmigration Bureau before. Compared with those colleagues whose gifted talent created waves, Shizhi was like the most common company slave*. She conducted tasks like clocking in and there was no need to communicate with her boss and colleagues. It wasn’t until she had completed 999 tasks and submitted her retirement application report that her boss had noticed her.

The boss asked Shizhi to stay, using emotion and reason as a base, “The Quick Transmigration Bureau needs talents like Shizhi. It would be a great loss to our Bureau if you were to leave”, and promised Shizhi that if she stayed, she would have the opportunity to become a regular employee.

Shizhi was deeply moved but she still rejected it.

She was moved.

She pretended.

She could finally retire, welcoming a beautiful retirement lifestyle, so who would want to be a company slave again? Are you kidding?

Most of her other colleagues wanted to return to their real world body after completing the task, but Shizhi chose to be placed in other places. She was an orphan and had no father or mother. She was hit by a truck in an accident before entering the quick transmigration game. She may not be able to be pieced together after returning, so it’s better to start a new life.

Not too long ago, Shizhi had written her wish for her new identity: Has to be beautiful, to have a good body shape, and to be rich. She wants to have money, a lot a lot of money. 1 *SAMEEEEE, pls, take me too hahahahahah

At this moment, Shizhi was praying for the realization of her wish, and the happy picture she would see after opening her eyes had already unfolded in her mind.

She would be at a beautiful and clean island, sitting on a chaise drinking coconut juice, with her feet on the soft sand, bathing in the sun; or she would be walking in quiet villa in the woods, accompanied by a deer


There was a long and harsh mechanical sound in her mind, which was comparable to heavenly music for Shizhi.

The transfer was complete. She had arrived. Her perfect appearance, her super amazing and wonderful retirement life, she has arrived.

“Shizhi, get out of the entertainment circle and go die!” 2 *HAHAHAH what a harsh reality

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There was no sunny beach, no villa in the forest and deer. Shizhi opened her eyes and saw two eggs whistling towards her face one after the other, followed by the sound of the wind breaking.

Shizhi’s pupils suddenly shook.

Her process of her opening her eyes was incorrect right?



Everything happened too fast, and the assistant next to Shizhi only had time to shout.

Then they either stayed away from the woman, or directly hid behind the woman, and fully acting out the expression of hiding behind a dead man is better than not.

There were too few of them to resist the angry male idol fans. Shizhi has already caused public anger and it was unknown where the news had leaked from, but the powerful male idol fans were actually blocking the company downstairs and directly stopped Shizhi. It was only a matter of time transitioning from abuse to throwing things to vent their anger.

Now, it has completely exploded.

Surrounded by the red dress, the skirt was tight fitting, outlines the forward convex back warped good figure, such a color will appear vulgar if not worn correctly, but even if the people at the scene dislike her, they also have to say that this color matches her.

Gorgeous, standing among the crowd she is the most dazzling existence, maybe because of the scandals in the past two days, the spirit is a little bit different, looking a little haggard, but she is still beautiful, and even more delicate and attractive.

However, half a second later, the two eggs would break into flowers on this beautiful face.

Even the male idol fans hesitated a little, but only a little.

Publicity stunt creators should be damned!


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  1. Does this egg throwing actually happen in China?
    You see it all the time in novels but it looks insane as a real life concept

    • Probably. I have read a lot of CN novels . However as a k-pop fan I am only familiar with that type of korean fans who are crazy crazy for their idols. Though I am not able to understand them, they do exist.

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