WFILTU Chapter 212 – Truth I

As a teacher, yelling in public was a very impolite thing.

But at this moment, Yin Fang could not take care of these.

What was Li Ping doing?

He was grabbing Gu Xuejiao! ! !

This was one of her most valued students in the next year!

Not every year can produce a gifted student. There was Cheng Mingze in the last class and Chu Sheng in this class. Originally, Yin Fang was desperate, but Gu Xuejiao, who suddenly came out, was the bargaining chip for her and Li Ping in the next college entrance examination!

College entrance examination was not only a battlefield for students, but also a battlefield for teachers.

What Li Ping wanted to poach now was not an ordinary student. This student represented her achievements, bonuses, professional title and reputation.

Could Yin Fang not worry?

If Gu Xuejiao went to Li Ping’s class, the next year would be the day when Li Ping presses down on her to hit!

Yin Fang came quickly, her high-heeled shoes were very loud, as if venting her anger.

“Teacher Li, what are you 1 *polite you doing?”

Li Ping was caught and touched his nose in embarrassment.

But when he saw Xue Jiao and Li Sitong standing beside him, he also showed his face: “I am just asking if Xue Jiao would like to change her class. I think the atmosphere of our class is more suitable for Xue Jiao.”

“The atmosphere of our class is not suitable? Teacher Li, what if I want your class’s Chu Sheng?” Yin Fang suppressed her anger. The students and parents around her were coming and going, and they dare not make a big deal about it.

Li Ping began to become rogue. He shrugged and said with a smile, “Teacher Yin can also ask Chu Sheng. If he wants to, I won’t say anything.”

“You——” Yin Fang was angry again. Chu Sheng and Li Ping have always had a good relationship. How can he change his class? !

But in an instant, Yin Fang thought of Xue Jiao.

She suddenly felt that she should start from Xue Jiao and let Xue Jiao not want to do it!

Hence, Yin Fang turned to Xue Jiao and Li Sitong: “Gu Xuejiao, Gu Xuejiao’s mother, our class 1 has been very good, no worse than Class 2. Xue Jiao can rise to the present level in our class. Naturally, she is more suitable for our class. For the sake of the child’s junior year, I think it’s better to stay in class 1.”

Yin Fang said it with a smile, but Li Sitong hesitated.

Probably also seeing her hesitation, Li Ping added: “Our class and class one’s teaching resources are the same! The teachers of the two classes are almost the same! Only individual subjects are different! “

Yin Fang turned to stare at him.

At this moment, Yin Fang suddenly regretted that she despised Xue Jiao at the beginning of school. If she did not despise Xue Jiao, her relationship with Xue Jiao and Li Sitong would not be so embarrassing.

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It turned out that every student may be a potential stock. In the future……she should not despise any student!

Yin Fang only had this consciousness now. Many years later, after she completely changed her attitude, she found that the teacher’s cold treatment and contempt had such an important impact on a student!

People need to be positive. Giving care and encouragement is far more important than giving indifference.

The most influential student in Yin Fang’s life was Xue Jiao. She didn’t get down in her contempt, but became the pride she wanted to keep. It was also because of Xue Jiao that she knew how wrong she was.

Li Sitong thought about it, and still thought it was better to transfer to class two. Hence, she tentatively opened her mouth: “This, I feel……”

Xue Jiao pulled her and said in a soft voice, “Thank you for your kindness, Teacher Li, but I’m used to the life of class one. I’d better stay in class one in the future.”

Different from Li Ping’s face, Yin Fang’s smile turned into a flower. She rarely touched Xue Jiao’s head: “Xue Jiao, don’t worry, staying in class one is the right choice for you!”

“This——” Li Sitong hesitated.

Why does Xue Jiao want to stay in class one? Yin Fang didn’t treat her well before……is it because of Yi Tianyu?

Xue Jiao lowered her voice and said, “Gu Shiyun is in class two.”

Li Sitong seemed to think of something. As soon as her pupils shrank, she immediately pulled out a smile on her face: “I think it’s better to be in class one, too. Thank you, Teacher Yin and Teacher Li!”

After they made a decision, they said goodbye to the two teachers and went to the canteen for dinner.

As Yin Fang and Li Ping walked to the office side by side, Yin Fang was still muttering: “Teacher Li, I have remembered your behavior today, and I will never forget it! You’d better not give me a chance to dig the wall! “

Li Ping did not speak.

“What are you thinking about Li Ping?” Yin Fang asked curiously.

After a moment, Li Ping raised his head: “Gu Xuejiao and Gu Shiyun are both surnamed Gu. Gu Xuejiao’s mother suddenly changed her attitude because of Gu Shiyun. What’s the relationship between them?”

Yin Fang was also stunned for a moment, but soon, she frowned and said, “It can’t be a sister. Besides, what’s the matter with you? I tell you today……”

Yin Fang was still in a state of fragmentary thinking, and Li Ping had no idea of anything else. He immediately abandons the strange idea that has just risen.

After Li Sitong and Xuejiao left, Gu Shiyun slowly came out with gloomy eyes from the door of class two.

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9 Comments on “WFILTU Chapter 212 – Truth I

  1. As a teacher myself, I’m glad Yin Fang is learning to change her attitude. “Giving care and encouragement is far more important than giving indifference.”

    I’ve found reading this story very harsh (yet also intriguing) as I can’t really understand an educational system so focused on examination which is vastly different from my cultural experience. But I’m really glad for this particular chapter’s development. Thank you.

    • Yeah. I’m happy if Xue Jiao’s progress due to her own grit and dedication becomes an object lesson for Teacher Yin Fang. At least the generations and generations of students that will pass through her class will now encounter a warmer, more understanding teacher that focuses on teaching first instead of blaming and finding fault.

  2. I finally caught up, thanks for all your hard work! 💕

  3. I’m glad that teacher will stop harming her students, but how many has she already destroyed?


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  5. A teacher’s guidance is very important and can change a student’s life. I can prove thaf because I didn’t care about school. Although my grades were good, I didn’t have any aspirations and just kept my grades up to keep my parents off my back. Fortunately, my class counselor noticed my potential and pushed me hard. Every quarter he would call me to his office and lecture, advise, and encourage me to do things I would not do on my own. Eventually, I graduated from my high school ranked 21 out of 400 something students.

  6. Let me just say, I feel completely and utterly stupid, I was on Chap 211 for the longest time, and everytime I try to click the next chap it didn’t work. So I assumed it wasn’t updated, and it was like that for the longest time. I won’t admit to how long, but it wasn’t until I decided to clicking to the next chap by the table of contents that I realized it was already updated for a while. But yay chapters!

  7. Urgh, so you’re telling me this YF will be secure in her position for a long time…? She’s merely pigging bagging off of others success while not lifting a finger. At least she stopped throwing stones at people when they’re down…

    • This is a wrong understanding. Yin Fang contribution to class two is without a doubt. Yes, she is using the route of dictatorship in class two. But she rooted firmly in her position due to the result that is shown by the college entrance examination outcome every single year. Despite her flaw, the principal saw that there is effectiveness there. Yin Fang did lifter her fingers. She had large responsibility of arranging class two timetable, keeping the subject teachers in lease, and motivating them (which where her flawed thinking comes from in the process). She also taught a subject. Most subject teachers attitude towards a class depends heavily on homeroom teacher because their bonuses resided in homeroom teacher evaluation. A school is an organization which is a small political circuit. It is undeniable that there are a portion students that is sacrificed every years, which is how the politics run everywhere. I am just glad Yin Fang got wake up call from Xue Jiao for the next batch of students.

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