WFILTU Chapter 211 – Ranking IV

Xue Jiao’s seat was much better than that of the last row a year ago, and the seat was also a golden position.


“Yi Tianyu is still your deskmate? !” Li Sitong’s expression immediately became ugly.

Xue Jiao’s expression was blank. .

Li Sitong took a look at her, and then stared at Yi Dafa’s back.

The other side seemed to feel it, turn around and stood up warmly——

“Classmate Xue Jiao and Jiao Jiao’s mother are here! Hurry and sit down, sit down!”

Li Sitong: “……”

Yi Dafa was too enthusiastic and talked in circles. Li Sitong eventually doesn’t say the sentence  “your son even specially sat at the same table as my daughter.” out!

Yi Tianyu approached Xue Jiao and bumped her: Nerd, I haven’t congratulated you. Anyway, you are always the first.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She was silent for a moment and asked him, “what about you?”

“I entered the semi-finals! Our school team has entered the semi-finals! ” Yi Tianyu rubbed his hands excitedly.

Xue Jiao: “……”

Her voice was impassive: “I asked you about your midterm results.”

Yi Tianyu “……oh, around rank 180. “

“You lost progress?”

Yi Tianyu lowered his head in shame.

Xue Jiao touched her chin: “It’s still fine, as long as you get first place in the competition, you may go to a good university.”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes brightened.

Xue Jiao said, “but there is still one year left. If you don’t do your best, you may not be able to go to the university you want to go to.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

The ears drooped again.


Today’s parents’ meeting was very similar to a small commendation meeting for Xuejiao. Almost all the teachers on stage will praise Xue Jiao by her name.

In the past, she may have been afraid of the unstable performance of Xue Jiao. As a result, the other always ranked first and even won the first prize in mathematics.

The teachers naturally boasted, and Yin Fang, even more so, praised Gu Xuejiao nonstop.

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Along this way, almost everyone would know Xue Jiao and Li Sitong.

This kind of envied stare was an experience that Li Sitong has never had.

Her chin was slightly raised, and her smile did not reduce, listening to the teachers’ fancy praise.

This is probably the happiest parents’ meeting held by Li Sitong for so many years.

All the way to the end of the parents’ meeting, there were many people chatting with Li Sitong. They took a break and went out.

“Jiao Jiao, if you have too much pressure, you must tell your mother!” Li Sitong looked at Xue Jiao with a loving smile, stretched out her hand and gently put it on her head.

She seldom used to be so kind to Xue Jiao. Today, it was probably that Xue Jiao had fought for her face. Hence, she thought that Xue Jiao was her treasure!

Xue Jiao: “……En.”

She slightly looked away and lowered her head. Li Sitong’s hand was hanging in the air.

The expression on Li Sitong’s face was slightly stiff. At this moment, she suddenly understood what Cheng Shuo had said——she had completely broken Xue Jiao’s heart. To warm her back again would be hard.

Li Sitong suddenly had some regrets and recalled her doubts, distrust and stabbing……

It just felt like a knife was stabbing over.

Xue Jiao’s indifference made her so sad. How sad should she have been?

Looking at Xue Jiao’s head, Li Sitong’s heart ached.

There was a silence between the two.

At this time, a man wearing glasses came out of the class next door.

He was going to pass by them, but suddenly stopped and turned to look at them.

Li Sitong was stunned and asked, “You are……”

Xue Jiao quickly raised her head, gave a smile and said to Li Sitong, “Mom, this is class two’s head Teacher Li, teacher, this is my mom.”

“Ah, so it’s Teacher Li. Hello hello!” Li Sitong held out her hand and greeted with a smile.

Li Ping also reached out his hand, held it for a while, and then said with a smile, “Hello, Xue Jiao’s mana. I’m the head teacher of class two and the chemistry teacher.”

“Oh ~” Li Sitong suddenly realized, in fact, she was very confused.

This teacher……had something?

Li Ping quickly revealed his purpose. He approached them slightly and said in a low voice, “Teacher Yin is a strict teacher. I have a different style from Teacher Yin. That……does student Xue Jiao want to come to our class 2? “

“Ah?” Li Sitong was stunned and looked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao was also at a loss, her expression disoriented.

“The average score of our class is higher than that of class one, and the learning atmosphere is better than that of class one. If Xue Jiao wants to come to class two, I will welcome Xue Jiao on the behalf of class two!” Li Ping showed two rows of white teeth with a smile. “Chu Sheng is also in our class. Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng can encourage each other and learn from each other. It will be better and better.”

“This……” Li Sitong was full of hesitation.

Change to class two?

In fact, she thinks there was no problem to change to class two. After all, Yin Fang gave them a cold face at the beginning of school.

The most important thing was that Xue Jiao was still sitting at the same table with Yi Tianyu. If Xue Jiao goes to class two, won’t they be able to separate?

“If you like, I’ll take care of Xue Jiao’s going to class 2. Xue Jiao just needs to pack up her things. I’ll take the students to help Xue Jiao move to……”

Before he finished speaking, Yin Fang’s roar came from a distance——

“What do you want, Li Ping?”


The author has something to say: Yin Fang: Dare to touch the hair on top of the nun!

Yi Tianyu: Today is the day where I only show up for one scene!

Cheng Mingze: Today is a day with only names!

Lin Zhihua: Today is a day where even the name is not said…….

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