SOOEW Chapter 160 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXXII

Fang Ran looked at the news on the campus forum and scratched her hair decadently.

Just as she couldn’t control her emotions, the computer screen suddenly turned black. She hammered twice, but the black screen didn’t move, and after three seconds, the screen changed, like a basic card game, and crashed down many photos from above, dropping again and again.

Weren’t these the photos of her when she worked in KTV. The reason why this body studied hard to get the scholarship was that her family was too poor, and while studying, this body had to work everywhere to support herself.

Because of the angle shooting, PS production and synthesis, the photos in front of her looked very bad, and  like showy photos.

She remembered that she was good at computer technology and immediately fought with the other, but what made her feel even worse was that even the thing she was best at had lost to others.

Fang Ran was forced to the point of crying out, and watched the pictures on the screen. Her heart was in a mess and she could not guess what the other side would do with her. At this time, however, a fire suddenly started under the screen, burning the picture completely, as if to show the position of the opposite person.

Then there were four words on it: the loser leaves the field.

She was stunned there, between the lights and the fire, a person’s face flashed through her mind. She suddenly understood who the person was and what the other party meant by the “loser”.

If she loses even on her strengths, then what else was worth fighting for?

She conceded.

At the same time, Wen Ying was lying on Jiang Tianye’s back, watching him withdraw from Fang Ran’s computer.

“Ah Ye is so strong.” She generously praised.

“It’s nothing. It can’t be seen, but she’s pretty good at it.”

She poked his cheek, “And then? Are you interested in her? “

“Don’t cause trouble.” He raised his eyebrows. “Am I not avenging you?” He has been worried about Fang Ran’s problem, afraid that she will spread rumors everywhere, which will affect Wen Ying, so he asked her whether he should give a warning to the other party in advance. He didn’t expect her to come up with such a trick.

Although he felt that it was not very good to threaten others with such unnecessary things, he said: “You can rest assured that she will understand at last.”

Her purpose was not a threat at all, but a blunt blow.

She had no special ideas toward Fang Ran, and in general situations, in order to prevent future growths, she would only leave when the fallen emissaries would not be able to cause any waves, but for Fang Ran, because the other side’s performance is too ineffective, she could not create much.

She observed Fang Ran, who was like a person who had suffered from failure all the year round, and it was enough to defeat such a person from the heart.

She didn’t expect Fang Ran’s work to be solved smoothly, but Jiang Tianye suddenly turned his face.

“I found that you like to lie on my back.”

She blinked, “And so? Are you unwilling? “

“It’s not because of your partnership with that Bi Fang, and got used to it……” He squinted.

She bit her lips and couldn’t help laughing, “What is called that Bi Fang? If I remember correctly, wasn’t he your favorite manga character?”

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Wen Ying, who was tickled by Jiang Tianye into laughing, couldn’t help thinking of, using a manga character to attack him might be a simple task, but the manga had a very popular hero, and the sequela was also very serious.

As soon as Wen Ying had arrived in space, a dark shadow came over and scared her back a step.

The black shadow stood by her, and she found that this was a delicate and beautiful boy. Before she could find out why there was a second person in the space, she listened to him sighing uninterested and said, “how weak.”

It was clear that his height was only to her shoulder.

“?” Wen Ying looked to z942121, “What is this situation?”

The little boy raised his head up lazily and looked over, “I’m hungry, do you have anything to eat?”

Z942121, with a flash of his cold eyes, answered his question first, “No.”

He pointed a finger at Wen Ying, and pushed her back. “Then can I eat her?”

Wen Ying: “……”

When z942121 only said “no” halfway, Wen Ying blew up: “21 you tell me clearly! Who is this stinking little rabbit?! How can he enter the space? Didn’t you say that space could only allow one person to exist? “

Z942121, only put her in his eyes now, “It is the reward you got when you finished your second task.”

“……That panda? “

She went to take a look carefully, and found that the little boy’s soft bone looked very similar to that of the fat panda. His feet seem to have not changed completely, his black claws stretching from the pants. The most bad tasting thing was that there were dark circles hanging under his eyes, like he didn’t sleep enough.

“It comes from the world of beastmen. The original shape was a panda, but it can change into a human shape. Even if it is divided by adult size, he still has a very strong presence in their world. “

“…… Even if he was a transformer, it doesn’t help me with my task. “

How about being strong? Could he make all the task objects dizzy letting her go through by force?

Or could it incarnate into a little cute pet, letting the task object die of meng in front of her? !

“First of all, a living reward is an extra assistant for the envoy, it can be placed into the small world like the envoy, and be attached to one of the characters. Unlike God’s envoy, they cannot automatically regain consciousness and need God’s envoy to find them to awaken them. “

Wen Ying has some thoughts.

“What if the character he is attached to was the mission goal?”

“When he wakes up, the task will be complete.”

It sounded like a good deal, but she went and poked the boy’s face, which was very comfortable and poked twice more, “But if I think this guy is annoying, and I don’t want him to wake up, can I?”

“It’s all up to you.”

“Good good good, then……how do I find him when I want to find him? “

“There will be an induction between you, and his feelings may be stronger. If it is in an unawakened state, it may have an impact on you, and you should be prepared mentally.”

Wen Ying didn’t even have time to think deeply, because she poked too hard, and the panda protested, grabbing her finger with an “Aowu”.

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