WFILTU Chapter 247 – Past VI

With Xue Jiao around, his patience would be much better.

Xue Jiao apologized awkwardly: “Sorry, I didn’t know. I won’t do it again next time……”

“It’s nothing.” Lin Zhihua stretched out his hand, gently rubbed her head, then quickly restrained his hand, “You don’t need to apologize to me.”

He didn’t like to hear her polite thanks and apologies.

Xue Jiao smiled. She thinks it’s good to know Lin Zhihua.

She picked up the chicken wings stuffed with rice and handed it to Lin Zhihua. “Before, when I was unable to receive it,  I wanted it very badly, but once I actually got it, I don’t feel like eating it.”

Lin Zhihua took it, opened it in the sight of Xue Jiao and fed it rigidly into his mouth.

The strong greasy smell, chili and seasoning flavor rushed into his mouth. At that moment, Lin Zhihua wanted to vomit.

Xue Jiao saw his reaction and smiled until she squinted,”If you don’t like it, then don’t eat it. Later, we will go to a normal restaurant to eat.”

Then she opened it as she spoke and took a bite.

Then her face became stiff for a moment. She shook her head. Gu Xuejiao’s taste buds……also seemed to resist the taste.

“I used to think it was delicious……but it seems to have changed……it doesn’t taste like I remember.”

What Xue Jiao said has changed was that she, herself, had changed.

She changed. She turned Gu Xuejiao into Xue Jiao in people’s eyes.

But in some ways, she seems to be deeply influenced by Gu Xuejiao.

In her last life, Xue Jiao liked chicken wings stuffed with rice very much. At that time, she helped the barbecue stand next door to the chicken wing stuffed with rice.

The auntie who works together with her would give her two meat skewers after work every day, and she would buy another steamed bread, considering that as dinner.

At that time, the place next door was selling chicken wings with rice. The boss had a very good hand in cooking. The chicken wings and rice were all very good quality, so compared with others, it was more expensive and required 20 yuan.

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Xue Jiao won’t buy such expensive things. The most important thing was that one chicken wing with stuff is not filling enough, you will certainly spend more money.

The business was very good next door. The boss was a smiling fat man.

At the end of that summer vacation, Xuejiao rewarded herself to buy one.

It was very late that day, and there were no other customers on the stand next door. She went over with 20 yuan.

The fatty boss picked two of the biggest chicken wings and handed them to her. He also said with a smile, “I’ve wanted to invite you to eat for a long time. Don’t be polite, young student. Study hard when school starts! Try to enter a good university!”

Xue Jiao knew in a flash that the fatty boss must have known that she was an orphan.

She did not refuse and took it with a smile.

The fatty boss was sincere, she knew. She even knew that if the other party had thought that she wouldn’t feel uneasy in her heart, they would even want to give her money.

On the way back to school that night, Xue Jiao was eating it like a treasure.

In her memories, it was very beautiful, very tasty, very delicious.

Xue Jiao suffered a lot in her last life but she had also met a lot of good people. They gave her warmth and made her feel the wonderful feelings and warmth between people.

In this world, sin was never the only thing.

There are bad people and good people.

She was immersed in the past. A hand was placed on her head, gently rubbing.

“Since you don’t think it’s delicious, then don’t eat it. There’s no fixed thing as time goes by. Some changes are not good, but some changes are good. We don’t have to immerse ourselves in the past. People are creatures that look forward. Only you can decide whether the future will be better or worse. “

Xue Jiao paused for a while, blinked her eyes, moistening it back, then nodded heavily, “Ok!”

She paused, smiled and said, “but I still want to finish eating it.”

And then……she probably won’t eat it anymore……

It belonged to the memories of Xue Jiao, so let it stay in her memories.

Lin Zhihua took back his hand, and raised his brows: “I think it’s alright. There’s a very novel taste. Let’s eat together.”

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