WFILTU Chapter 248 – Past VII

They finished the chicken wing stuffed with rice, and then the potato. Xue Jiao picked up the squid.

Maybe it’s the weather and the strange mood. Xue Jiao wants to talk about it. She looked at the squid and said, “I don’t like squid, but the person I’m most grateful to used to be a squid seller. I can’t see him anymore, but I like to eat squid very much.”

Liking the taste of squid, and liking to eat squid was not the same.

She likes to eat, and just likes to eat.

Xue Jiao was adopted when she was very young. She remembered that she was very hungry, that she was thrown out in the dark, and that an old man with a cart picked her up and put her on a small cart.

That’s her grandfather——an old man who sold squid.

He never admitted that he was her grandfather, but she always treated him with the same respect.

It was the old man who told her to read, to go out, and to work hard to live a wonderful life.

He sold roasted squid for her to attend up to fourth grade of primary school. Grandfather’s skill was very good, but he was very old, so many people won’t buy it. That business was very calm, and was just enough to save for her studies.

Her registered permanent residence was with the old person in the countryside. It was very expensive to attend school in the city, but he still provided for her all the time.

Later……he got cancer.

Xue Jiao was going to drop out of school and come back to treat him. On Friday, when she first proposed to drop out of school with her teacher, she came back only to see the household register and a pile of odds and ends of money with a piece of paper saying, “Study hard and go to college.”

He left by himself.

He didn’t want to drag her down.

Xue Jiao knows, but Xue Jiao was very sad.

Ever since then, Xue Jiao had no relatives.

Around the end of primary school, the police station informed her that the old man had already died, and she did not even see the body.

There are many tragic things in this world. You will never be the one who is the most miserable. However, if you are in one of them, you will still despair and suffer to find the meaning of living.

Xue Jiao ate the squid bite by bite. She did not cry.

Lin Zhihua followed her action, and said nothing, accompanying her silently.

“How do I feel full? What else do you want to eat?” Xue Jiao blinked and looked at Lin Zhihua.

Lin Zhihua was silent for a moment. His stomach was a little uncomfortable, but what was more painful was his heart.

When he just ate the squid, he knew that Xue Jiao was very uncomfortable at that time, and had difficulties that she could not say.

He can’t ask, and he doesn’t dare to ask.

Lin Zhihua slowly opened his mouth: “I’m also full.”

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Xue Jiao exposed an embarrassed smile: “I invited you to eat, but if I didn’t really invite you to eat anything……”

“That’s enough. I had a very different experience today. I’m very happy.” Lin Zhihua smiled. He was very happy that he seemed to have touched on the past of Xue Jiao, but he is also very sad because he knows that the memory of the past may not be so good.

That type of world that was so full of trauma, he really wanted to go and hold her tightly.

He also wanted to let her forget, never letting her think of sad things.

“I’ll invite you to eat again later!”

Lin Zhihua didn’t speak. After a moment, he said softly, “I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but I think the past should be the past. We should look forward to realizing our dreams and make up for some regrets that can be made up.”

His gaze was very serious. He stared at Xue Jiao with worry and encouragement.

In a brief moment, a little something lifted in Xue Jiao’s heart, but it was soon by warmth.


It’s time to move forward. Those who have given her warmth in the past all hope that she could live well and have a brand new life.

Xue Jiao raised her spirits, and looked at the time. It was already a little late.

She opened her mouth, preparing to say goodbye to Lin Zhihua.

“Ding Ding Ding——” the phone suddenly rang.

Xue Jiao paused for a while, then picked it up. It was a strange number.

“Wei? Who is this?”

The voice on the other end of the phone was very cold, carrying a chill: “Gu Xuejiao, I am Gu Shiyun.”

Xue Jiao froze, “Gu Shiyun?”

The person beside her, Lin Zhihua raised his brows, made a gesture, and motioned for her to open the speaker.

He sure wanted to listen to it. What does this person want to do?

Xue Jiao obediently opened it.

Gu Shiyun’s scheming was probably something that only Lin Zhihua’s intelligence could deal with……

The other gnashed his teeth: “Was the man who picked you up today the one who broke dad’s company? ! Was it the person who was behind the investigation and helped you send clarification posts? !”

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