SOOEW Chapter 191- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXI

When Yang Sen was changing the equipment after warm up, he suddenly discovered Jiang Ke putting his hands on a woman’s shoulder and sending her out of the door. He couldn’t see clearly due to Jiang Ke’s body blocking his view but the woman’s back is somewhat similar to Wen Ying’s. He shakes his head after being slightly dazed.

Wen Ying no longer works in Xingchen, but went to Huandi. Jiang Ke is in Huandi. They work in the same company.

But he knows that Jiang Ke has always hated Wen Ying. It’s fine if they don’t meet each other. Once they meet, they quarrel, and they don’t like each other. If he were not in the middle to play peacemaker, they might not be able to say a few words, let alone contact each other.

Maybe he saw it wrongly.

In the era of wechat popularity, Wen Ying also set up a working group for the convenience of her work. For the time being, there are only her, Ning Xiao, Zhou Zhou and assistant Yun Ou. After knowing that Wen Ying has signed Jiang Ke, Ning Xiao clamors to see him. Unexpectedly, Zhou Zhou, who has always been at odds with him, agrees with him.

Wen Ying chooses a high-end restaurant. She has a good relationship with the boss. She orders a private room in advance and eliminates the paparazzi’s harassment. Yun Ou goes to pick the dishes first to get ready.

As soon as they arrived, Ning Xiao said enthusiastically to Jiang Ke, “brother Jiang is coming.”

Jiang Ke raised his eyebrow, always feeling compared to the last time in the elevator to see him, Ning Xiao’s smile now has a great change, giving a person a slightly indescribable feeling.

Seeing Wen Ying sitting in the host’s seat, he turned his face awkwardly.

It’s uncomfortable for a man to use the word “beg” for someone, and that person is still her… He still feels that he has no face to see her, and he agrees to this dinner because he thinks that the dilemma between them can be naturally resolved through this time.

“Brother Jiang, sit sit sit. Brother Jiang is my idol. I didn’t expect to have the chance to share the same agent with my idol.” Ning Xiao then said hello, buzzing inside the private room. Yet, Wen Ying, the agent that links them all together, sits around at leisure drinking tea.

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After Jiang Ke accepted the service of the “fan”, he heard Ning Xiao suddenly ask: “brother Jiang is really powerful. Whenever there is a producer who makes TV series, they will not consider others as long as brother Jiang is willing. But it’s strange, why doesn’t brother Jiang develop in the film circle?” He has bright eyes, small sharp tiger teeth, handsome and cute, which gives people a favorable impression. However, what came out of his mouth was very cruel. “I really hope I can see more works of brother Jiang in movies.”

His current appearance made Wen Ying suddenly think of the first time she met him.

Just as she wanted to speak, Zhou Zhou suddenly gave her a piece of glutinous rice lotus root. For a moment, she was distracted and couldn’t make it out in time to meditate.

Jiang Ke’s thinking was expected, he noticed Zhou Zhou who was clipping dishes. He calmly said, “compared with me, you two’s performance is still more anticipated.”

“No rush, we are still young.”

Ning Xiao didn’t retreat because of others’ concessions at all. Instead, he laughed more brightly.

Jiang Ke: “……”

Ning Xiao and Zhou Zhou are both in their early twenties, but Jiang Ke is already approaching his thirties. The five year age difference is not big yet it’s also not small. In the entertainment industry, a place for youth, it is particularly offensive to talk about age.

There was a moment of embarrassment in the private room, until the voice of Yun Ou came out. She sat quietly eating vegetables and brushing her cell phone under the bright stars. At this moment, her eyes just like sticking to the screen, but she still shouts: “Sister! Hurry, look at microblog, the first trending microblog!”

Jiang Ke was intrigued by Yun Ou’s attitude, and turned on the screen of his mobile phone with everyone. Originally, he didn’t know where to look, but when he logged in again, he saw hundreds of @ messages.

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