SOOEW Chapter 192- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXII

Ever since her intimate photos with many little fresh meats was busted out, Wen Ying has always not had a lack of news on the hot search. For example, she brought the child star Ning Xiao back on the right track and discovered the genius Zhou Zhou. Many people say that she likes artists under the name of hidden rules, but shopping, arm in arm, and ear to ear talks would not bring an intuitive impact to people. After a long time, people who eat melons will forget the feelings brought by peach news.

Moreover, after the photo of Zhou Zhou who was once a fat man was exposed, people’s eyes not only focused on him, but also doubted the label of hidden rules on Wen Ying. At least she was really a discerning agent. What she liked was Zhou Zhou’s talent. She didn’t give up on him because he was fat.

So, although they often take Wen Ying’s hunting list as an example, there are few people who really hate Wen Ying because of it. It does not involve moral issues, so it was difficult to arouse people’s aversion.

Until this time, there was another big news on the Internet——

#Kissing two male gods in one day#

The content is very simple. There were only two pictures. One is a picture of Wen Ying and Yang Sen kissing on the balcony in the open air. She was obviously drunk, her cheeks were flushed, and there were tears in the corner of her eyes, sticking closely to her hair that had been blown by the wind. Obviously, she had taken the initiative to kiss Yang Sen and place her arms around his neck, which was totally different from her usual cold and tough style.

The other was a picture of her kissing Jiang Ke.

The background was that of a small garden in front of a villa. Under the shade of vegetation, she was trapped in front of the stone table by him. He held the back of her head with one hand and bent down to kiss her fiercely. She couldn’t stand from being kissed. She supported her body with her hand behind her and grabbed his other hand, pressing it on the stone table. There was almost no gap between them. The atmosphere was very ambiguous.

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As soon as the photos were sent out, they spread all over the Internet. It can be said that if they were just the one or two little fresh meats without fame from before, and the content revealed in the photos was just an intimate interaction, then this time, they were photos of her kissing, and they were also the very popular Jiang Ke and Yang Sen, which was just like adding fuel to the fire.

After the information in the picture was exposed, the informant sent out a closer secret message: in the two photos, Wen Ying was wearing the same suit. In the first picture, only the upper body was photographed, and the plaid print of the coat could be seen. In the second picture, the print of her outfit remained unchanged. The background seemed to be different, but the picture on the balcony happened to capture a small part of the garden scenery, which was actually consistent with the background of the second photo. With the study of brick patterns and many other details, it was basically telling people the fact that she had kissed two people on the same day!

In the comments, some insiders confirmed that it was a private celebration banquet after Yang Sen won the Golden Horn award. Wen Ying and Jiang Ke were present, and Wen Ying was wearing the same suit. As for the background, whether it was the garden or the balcony, they were both part of Yang Sen’s villa scenery, no doubt.

The number of the Weibo comments reached 30000 in the blink of an eye, still growing at the rate of tens of hundreds per second.

In the private room, Ning Xiao’s reaction was the fastest. He took the lead in opening the Weibo icon. When he brushed over the content that shocked Yun Ou, he immediately couldn’t help bursting out in curses!


Zhou Zhou slowly patted, but he also changed his expression in a flash and cast his eyes on Jiang Ke.

For that moment, the private room was filled with a strange atmosphere.


Small theater:

Zhou Zhou: (thinking)

Ning Xiao: ……

Zhou Zhou: So you’re the only one who hasn’t kissed yet?

Ning Xiao: ……

Zhou Zhou: Alright, I’ve confirmed that you’re the only one who hasn’t kissed before.

Ning Xiao: ……An indirect kiss is still a kiss! ! !

Zhou Zhou: (surprised) Even the female side character’s been kissed, but you haven’t.

Ning Xiao: (Angry)……do you know what is called fat people dying from talking too much? ? ! !

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