SOOEW Chapter 193- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXIII

Jiang Ke finally read the news, put down his phone, and he found that the whole restaurant was watching him. He coughed softly, raising his hand slightly in a gesture of innocence. “What are you guys staring at me for? Shouldn’t you look at your agent? Isn’t she the one who stepped on two boats? “

“One foot on two boats?” Ning Xiao repeated this sentence, his big boy brows rising provocatively, “Don’t take yourself too seriously, you are at most the victim of this woman under her hidden rules.”

His mouth was both bad and poisonous. Jiang Ke can’t help but exclaim for himself: “Wei, wasn’t it you who said that I am your idol……”

“Sorry, but from the second just now, you weren’t anymore.” Ning Xiao said coldly, then turned to stare at Wen Ying. “What happened? When you were dating Yang Sen, you cheated with him?” He referred to Jiang Ke.

What he said was also a general statement by most people.

After learning the general situation, Wen Ying has told Yun Ou to give a simple response. When she heard this, she looked back at him. “You are also someone from the circle. Don’t you know that the news about the entertainment circle circulating on the Internet, shouldn’t be taken too seriously?”

Ning Xiao turned around his screen, and the photos of the kisses were very striking on the Apple 6plus screen. He humphed, “The news is false, and can not be believed, but the photos are also false?”

The photo was true, which can not be refuted even by Wen Ying.

In fact, she was also surprised by the information that suddenly exploded out. According to her memory retrieval, the photo happened before she arrived, and the date was the day before the one night stand. But Ning Xiao brazenly and stately put out the photos in front of the other, obviously with the meaning of holding his anger.

Ning Xiao only thought that she would make a rebuttal, and did not expect to see her hold her lips with an appearance of not speaking. His heart sank immediately.

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But Jiang Ke just had to suddenly smile, adding gas to the fan the flames: “The picture is naturally true. If you don’t believe it, it’s not impossible to show you in person.”

Ning Xiao “teng” and pushed the table to stand up, but was held back by Wen Ying.

“Jiang Ke!” She glared at him, “What are you trying to do now, fighting anger with children? Or self destruct your own future? “

Jiang Ke raised his hands in surrender.

“What little child?” Ning Xiao did not appreciate it. He clenched his fist, his eyes jumping like a fire, “Who are you saying is a child?”

Wen Ying was not moved, turning to look at him, “If you are not a child, then what are you doing now? Are you solving problems for me or restraining your emotions? In your eyes, am I the one who does nothing all day long and is only specialized in the hidden rules? “

Ning Xiao was silent for half a day, ousting his lips to say: “Who would know what you would do?” His curly eyelashes were drooping, delicate and indifferent, “Anyway, I have seen you less and less recently. Last time, when I accepted the play, you didn’t accompany me to the audition. Who knows what you went to do.”

“Oh, then I’ll go with you for the audition next time, and you won’t make any noise, right?”

“……” “Ning Xiao couldn’t speak.

Of course not. His bad mood, how could it be just because of an audition! But the mood in his heart is complex, and more words can not be said.

At this time, Zhou Zhou suddenly opened his mouth: “This matter can’t be expanded. If you are in a hurry, you should go back to the company for treatment. On this side, you don’t need to care anymore. I will clean it up for you.” His suggestion was very considerate and exposed a mature style.

Ning Xiao saw the expression of gratitude flash across Wen Ying’s eyes. “……”


Actually regarding him as a contrast, and acting in a broad manner to obtain good feelings from Wen Ying!


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