WFILTU Chapter 251 – Sunlight III

And on the other side of the phone, Xue Jiao blinked foolishly, and looked at him sillily.

Her eyes were bright, surprised and shocked. He he he……this was threatening Gu Shiyun?

Lin Zhihua could not endure his itching hand. He reached out, touching her head, doting: “Silly.”

Xue Jiao fell into contemplation. Gu Shiyun’s words were nonsense to her. What Lin Zhihua destroyed the company, she personally heard Cheng Shuo say to pull down Gu Jingxu! The one who attacked was obviously Cheng Shuo!

But she also had some doubts, according to Lin Zhihua’s character, he may really have helped……

“Why are you so good to me?”

For two lifetimes, except for the old man, Lin Zhihua was the best to her among all the strangers.

The old man was good to her because he took her as a granddaughter, as kinship. Lin Zhihua is not old. He was so good to her……what did he take her as?

Lin Zhihua looked up, meeting the eyes of Xue Jiao who was across from him.

The heart was slightly bitter. If this girl has really opened up, how can she wonder why he is good to her?

He is nice to her……because naturally he likes her.

But Lin Zhihua could not say that. She was still young. He could not frighten her.

Some words can never be said when the time is not ripe.

He could not blur the past as before. Her heart was slightly alerted and she needed a legitimate reason.

Jiao Jiao had been looking at him, and it was unknown why, but at this moment, she could detect that he was carrying a piece of pain that can not be spoken out.

After a long time, Lin Zhihua swallowed all the pain and bitterness in his heart, exposing a shallow smile.

“Because……I think of you as a friend, you……saved my life.”

“What?” Xue Jiao was in a daze.

“Before your second year of high school, on Wenchang Road, I had an accident. You pulled me out of the car.” Lin Zhihua smiled lightly.

That was their first sight, and the first time Lin Zhihua had been in close contact with women since he became an adult.

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At that time, he was curious and confused about her, and wanted to contact her slowly and repay her.

But the more he understood her, the deeper he fell.

He broke many precedents for her, which all became his good memories.

It was the bitterness that he has produced in his mechanical life.

Xue Jiao did not understand, what she had brought to the “friend” in front of her.

“It’s you!” Xue Jiao stared agape, in shock.

The accident was a big event. Xue Jiao would definitely not forget it, but that was when she had just transmigrated over. Her life was in a mess, so she forgot it very soon.

Lin Zhihua was actually the one she saved!

Xue Jiao suddenly smiled, smiling until her eyes narrowed, with her eyebrows curved. She looked at him and said: “Lin Zhihua, are you a snail 1 *from the Chinese folktale – The Snail Girl –  where a snail turned into a girl to care for her benefactor ? You actually came to find me to repay your gratitude! “

Lin Zhihua reached out and touched her head.

“You can pretend that I am a snail and make any requests. I am here to repay your kindness.”

“Any requests? Without any conditions?! ” Xue Jiao’s eyes widened.

Lin Zhuhai pretended to have a contemplative look, and then said, “It seems that the Snail Girl does not have any advanced conditions.”

“Then I need you to do something to repay the gratitude!” Xue Jiao suddenly said.

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