WFILTU Chapter 250 – Sunlight II

“Friends? Haha, Gu Xuejiao, I won’t laugh at you. This year, I would laugh at poor people and but won’t laugh at prostitutes. If they can directly destroy dad’s company, they should be pretty old. I just don’t know how long your lover can be proud, after all, it’s just a fun thing for others! If they are willing to use such a large move, you have probably coaxed the person very well? “

Gu Shiyun’s voice was filled with naked sarcasm, as if she had determined that Xue Jiao’s motive was for revenge, committing to a man getting up in years for his identity.

Liu Yueyue took a vague picture of his home, and only a man’s back image and a low-key luxury car could be seen.

But those who can transfer out such large amounts of money as they wish are generally the owners of large companies, and have achieved their careers. Such people are generally not young, and men who were not young in the business field almost all have families.

Therefore, Gu Shiyun would think so, and even think about it.

However, Xue Jiao suddenly felt that there was no meaning to continuing the conversation. Gu Shiyun had a black heart, and no matter what she looked at, it wouldn’t be clean.

As if in this world, the connection between people and people were all dependent on relationships.

Thinking of this, she said plainly, “Let me say it again, that person is my friend.”

After that, Xue Jiao was ready to hang up the phone. Lin Zhihua stopped her and took over the phone.

Xue Jiao was slightly bewildered.

“Ordinary friends will drive limited edition cars to pick you up? Gu Xuejiao, you are self-indulgent, cheap! I’ll wait to see the day you will be abandoned! Don’t be proud now! “

Her words had just landed, when Lin Zhihua slowly opened his mouth——

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“Gu Shiyun, since you can’t speak properly, then don’t come back.”

After he finished conveying his message, he hung up.

Gu Shiyun, who was on the other end of the phone, stared at her phone in shock, and her face was unbelieving.

Someone was beside Xue Jiao?! They had heard all of their conversations?

Don’t go back?

What did that man want to do? !

Gu Shiyun had a moment of rigidity and flusterness, but soon, she tried to calm down and started to think.

This man should be the one who started!

She doesn’t believe that Gu Jingxu’s company was not sabotaged by a premeditated plan. She never believes in coincidence. She was not like Gu Xuejiao, who didn’t recognize those activities in the business field.

Gu Shiyun has always known that she wanted to inherit the company and has always been exposing herself to these.

So after the incident, she started to suspect Gu Xuejiao.

After Liu Yueyue sent her photos, Gu Shiyun was pretty much positive, so she immediately went to question.

She just didn’t think……that man was right……

What does he mean? What else was he going to do?! !

“Bang——” she smashed her phone, staring at it with anger, fear and worry.

Why does this man sound……very young?

And……very familiar……

It seems that she had heard it from somewhere before!

Gu Shiyun’s head was in a mess, both worried and angry.

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