WFILTU Chapter 252 – Sunlight IV

Lin Zhihua was surprised and curious: “What is it?”

“It’s already  late. I want to fly back!”

Lin Zhihua was silent, and the smile on the face of Xue Jiao was growing, “Hahaha, I’m kidding……”

“That’s fine too. Wait a moment.” He spoke while taking out his cell phone, “Chen Yan, help me transfer a plane to W……wu……”

Xue Jiao covered his mouth, her face was flustered, and her voice was urgent and flustered——

“Aiya Aiyah, I’m kidding. How can you be so scary!”

Lin Zhihua felt the hands were covering his lips, and his eyebrows were exuding happiness. He couldn’t help laughing.

“You can’t speak anymore! I’m joking! You can bring me by car! ” Xue Jiao’s voice was urgent, staring at him.

How could there be such a person? Such a close distance, she just spoke casually!

Lin Zhihua reached out to protect her, lest she fell on her knees, and the low voice came out of his throat——

“Alright alright, no more flying.”

Xue Jiao only released after that. Lin Zhihua rearranged his clothes, but still wore a smile speaking to the phone: “It’s nothing.”

Then, he hung up.

Chen Yan: “??????”

This fucking boss was flirting with people? !

Chen Yan felt that he might have fallen into an illusion listening to him.

Or, he was still dreaming.

Xue Jiao was paralyzed on the bench, her face collapsed, “Lin Zhihua, how are you so serious. I was joking when I said to fly back, you unexpectedly……ai.”

She looked at him, all her thoughts wired on her face——you are really naive, impulsive, and reckless.

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Lin Zhihua felt funny and said seriously, “I can achieve anything you want. Anything that cannot be achieved now, I can try to achieve it in the future.”

Xue Jiao shrugged, bowing her head slightly, and spoke very seriously:” Lin Zhihua, I saved you very conveniently. You don’t need to place it on your heart, and also you do not have to specially……repay the gratitude. “

Was Lin Zhihua so good to her all because of his gratitude?

Now……he has returned the gratitude. Would it be……

With a big hand on her head, Lin Zhihua smiled: “Silly girl, don’t think too much blindly. It’s not only because of the gratitude, but you are also my friend. I also want us to help each other, and want to be good to you.”

Xue Jiao raised her head, her eyes lighting up slightly: “I will be good to you. You have been so good to me, I will be good to you in the future.”

Lin Zhihua exposed a smile, from within the deepness of his heart: “Ok.”

He paused, stood up, helpless, yet unable to bear it: “You should go back.”

It was not early anymore. Lin Zhihua should send Xue Jiao back to her home.

“Oh oh oh! That’s right!” Xue Jiao hurriedly nodded.

Lin Zhihua sent Jiao Jiao to the gate of the district to the Cheng home.

“Then I’m going!”

“Return quickly.” Lin Zhihua laughed.

Xue Jiao also spoke with a smile: “Then pay attention to safety on the road. “

Then, she turned around, walking in the direction of the Cheng home.

“Jiao Jiao!” Lin Zhihua suddenly spoke.

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  1. Oh my gosh.. can these two be even more adorable 😩my heart fluttered over Lin Zhihua’s willingness to pamper Gu XueJiao. I can’t wait till she develop and figures out her romantic feelings for him hehehe

    • Assistant Chen Yan is the pitiful one lol. He had adapted to Lin Zhihua’s style for years, even developed coffin face himself! And then the boss left him behind alone, and developed feelings like a lovestruck fool. Flirting right in front of his double salary! He needed another rise! 🤣

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