WFILTU Chapter 253 – Sunlight V

Xue Jiao turned back, with a face of doubt.

Lin Zhihua smiled and waved, “Study hard, and achieve a grade that reaches your satisfaction!”

Xue Jiao was stunned, and also reached out her hand to wave, smiling.

“I will——”

That was her ideal and the motivation for her efforts.

Lin Zhihua looked at her back that was leaving, the smile on his face slowly dissipating.

Because of her, he would laugh, would worry, would be happy……would also be sad.

This was the girl that the heavens gave him. If one day the girl doesn’t belong to him, or……married someone else.

Lin Zhihua knew that he would become crazy.


When Xue Jiao returned home, the whole family was there. Li Sitong took her bag with one hand and babbled along on the other.

“Where did you go, only sending a message saying that you would eat outside with friends and not responding. We will worry with you acting like this!”

Xue Jiao embarrassedly smiled, “He came suddenly. We went to eat together, so I didn’t have time to take care of messages.”

Cheng Shuo’s ears moved slightly. Was this that mysterious person?

He laughed and looked at Xue Jiao saying: “Jiao Jiao, who did you eat with, what did you eat at night? Are you full? “

Xue Jiao didn’t care, drank a breath and said:” It’s my friend. We went to the snack street to eat. I am full. “

“What?! You went to the snack street for food?! ” Li Sitong blew her hair again. “You, this girl, really. Those things are not clean and can easily cause diarrhea. How can you go out and eat such disorderly things?”

Li Sitong started to nag at her. Xue Jiao had her back to her and exposed a cheesy grin towards Cheng Mingze and Cheng Shuo. The two also started to helplessly smile.

Cheng Shuo also cleaned up his thoughts. It seemed that it should be a classmate. If it was the mysterious person, it seems……they probably would not go eat at the snack street.

Li Sitong had been nagging for a long time. It was only when Cheng Mingze said that he would go to bed before she stopped speaking.

After all, Cheng Mingze was the person who will take the college entrance examination tomorrow!

The family all returned to their rooms. The college entrance examination was tomorrow. Today, they will create a quiet environment for Cheng Mingze.

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When the two people opened their respective doors, Xue Jiao suddenly stopped and turned her head.

“Brother, good luck on tomorrow’s test!”

“Ok.” Cheng Mingze laughed, and was as warm as jade.

The two went back to their rooms.

After finishing her homework, Xue Jiao was ready for bed, when her belly suddenly began to sound. She threw down her pen and rushed to the toilet.

After a while, she came out with a pale face while holding the door.

Gu Xuejiao’s stomach was not her stomach that wasn’t scared of eating anything……

She recuperated for a while, and waited until she was finally more comfortable before she took out her phone, and sent a message——

【Lin Zhihua, when you at the snacks today……were you fine?】

After a while, the other’s response was very calm——

【It’s fine. Are you not comfortable? Do you need to go to the hospital?】

Xue Jiao hurriedly replied——

【It’s just a little uncomfortable. It’s fine now. There’s no need to go to the hospital】

Tomorrow, Cheng Mingze will take the college entrance examination. How can she go to the hospital today? It’s a nuisance to make a noise in the middle of the night. This would harm others.

And she was originally fine. There was no need to go……

Cheng Mingze was required to take the financial major for the college entrance examination in the original novel. Xue Jiao was reluctant to give up with him before the college entrance examination. Li Wei and others incited her to make noise. Cheng Mingze did not have it easy on the college entrance examination in his last life, and took third place in the province and went to the University of Finance and Economics in this city.

Although those things were not done by Xue Jiao, she had taken over Gu Xuejiao’s body and was also guilty to Cheng Mingze.

This time, he certainly will take the college entrance examination well and get the glory he deserves.

【Lin Zhihua: That’s good.】

Obviously, he also knew the situation, and did not force it.

Xue Jiao sent another message——

【Since you are fine, then I am relieved. Then, I’ll be heading to bed first. Good night.】

【Lin Zhihua: Good night.】

On the other end of the phone——

“Boss, please properly receive the injection.” Tan Qi was a little worried. Seeing that Lin Zhihua has been continuously sending messages, he gave a light warning.

Lin Zhihua looked at him, raised his hand, and cooperated with the doctor administering the shot. “Assistant Tan, I have troubled you today.”

Tan Qi bowed respectfully, “This is what I should do, but the boss……you* should remember the doctor’s instructions. Do not come in contact with those junk food that you have not tried before. If you 1 *formal form of you want to eat it, I will let the cook create food of the same taste that’s cleaner and safer tomorrow.”

Lin Zhihua was still watching the message where Xue Jiao gave some care. When he heard it, he looked up and looked at Tan Qi.

“Assistant Tan, do you have a partner?”

Tan Qi: “……”? ? ?

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  2. Aye, bro, if you know you’d go crazy, why don’t you try to prevent it? Get some friends, ask about how to get over heartbreak or how to open up, repetition builds habit. I hate his yandere side, but I do respect how he’s able to grow up into a person different from his parasitic family. Shame we don’t get much variety; he’s the only adult so far that’s OP so it’s not even competition.

    • That’s the whole romance genre’s sale pitch: A love made for each other. The whole 9 yards of can’t live without you, will follow you everywhere you go may it be heaven or hell. That kind of unrealistic romance xD Sometimes there’s the reasonable unconditional loving and understanding but for the most part, possessive crazed love sells more :/

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