WFILTU Chapter 254 – Sunlight VI

He was muddled and shook his head.

Lin Zhihua collected his phone, lied down and calmly responded——

“I think it’s time to talk to someone. You should still solve your personal problems.”

Tan Qi was still muddled, staring at Lin Zhihua.

This this this……how did they reach the topic of him finding a partner?!

Lin Zhihua looked at him with a little disgust, and felt that he was a little stupid.

“Assistant Tan, you will know that some cases can be broken if you have someone you like.”

Tan Qi: “? ? ?”

“Alright, you can go back. You have worked hard today. Rest for tomorrow.”

Tan Qi, with a face of puzzlement, walked out of Lin Zhihua’s apartment with the doctor, and then he suddenly returned to his senses.

Holy s*** **** ****! !

Boss accompanied the person he likes to eat snacks? !


Boss can unexpectedly coax girls to be happy with his demeanor? !

Is this f**king showing love tonight?!

After Chen Yan, Tan Qi began to doubt life.

At night, Xue Jiao had a dream, and she dreamed about Gu Xuejiao’s life again.

At 5 a.m., Xue Jiao suddenly sat up, with a face full of tears.

With her hands shaking, she took her phone and dialed out——

“Hello?” The voice on the other side of the phone was also hoarse.

“Lin Zhihua! Are you ok! ” Xue Jiao’s voice carried signs of crying.

Lin Zhihua suddenly sat up and anxiously said, “Jiao Jiao, what happened Jiao Jiao? Don’t cry. Tell me what’s wrong? “

Xue Jiao could not hold on and suddenly wailed.

“Little obedient, don’t cry. Tell me what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well? Don’t cry, Jiao Jiao.” Lin Zhihua comforted, while putting on clothes. He did not wash up, picked up his car keys and rushed out the door.

“Lin Zhihua……wuwu……are you ok……”

“I’m fine. Jiao Jiao, I’m fine. Listen to my voice, isn’t it full of energy?” He ran to the garage, turned on speaker, and started the car.

In the next moment, Xue Jiao couldn’t prevent her crying, and finally choked out”: “I had a nightmare……I dreamt that something bad happened to……”

Lin Zhihua suddenly laughed, the car drove very quickly, but his voice was light with a smile.

“Xue Jiao, I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine. Don’t you hear my voice? It’s all nightmares, fake, don’t think about it too much. “

His voice was very light, with a soothing taste, but Xue Jiao was full of tears.

It’s not fake, it’s not fake.

She remembered Gu Xuejiao’s life. After Cheng Mingze took over Pengcheng, Cheng Shuo took her to a banquet.

Some people have talked about the prosperous future of that time, and one person inadvertently said a word——

“This Cheng Mingze’s car accident is somewhat similar to that of the person in the Lin family who had passed. If he hadn’t died in the car accident that time, Lin Shi would not fail. That person is also so miserable. Based on his talent, Chen’s Mingze can’t rush even if you tap the horse.”

Car accident!

That time when she just came to this world and saved Lin Zhihua, in the original novel he had died!

Xue Jiao’s tears could not be controlled. In her  last life, the old man who was so good to her had   died, and in this life, Lin Zhihua who was so good to her also nearly died……

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She buried her face in the bend of her arm, shaking with pain.

Xue Jiao knew that she had only dreamed, and Lin Zhihua was still alive in her life. But when she thought of Lin Zhihua, who should have been respected and praised for his youth, but had left the world……

Her tears were completely out of control.

Xue Jiao could hardly imagine what would have happened if she didn’t go to buy her books that day……

If she was like Gu Xuejiao that day, because she was sad and closed herself in, Lin Zhihua would be in that car accident……

Such a good, and fierce Lin Zhihua. God gave a body full of amazing talent to Lin Zhihua, how could he die?

If he died at that time, no one knew how powerful he would be, and no one would know what height he would take Lin Shi to.

Xue Jiao choked and asked him, “Lin Zhihua, was it your grandfather and your second uncle who designed your car accident?”

He had spoken about it once, and she had remembered it.

“That’s correct.” Lin Zhihua was slightly confused, and did not know how Xue Jiao suddenly mentioned this.

“Don’t ever forgive them, ok?”

“Alright, I’ll never forgive.” Lin Zhihua did not hesitate.

Hearing that he promised, Xue Jiao was slightly better.

“Jiao Jiao, don’t cry. I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine. Don’t treat dreams as reality.” Lin Zhihua had a very light voice, with some laughter, so that Xue Jiao could also relax and feel comfortable.

He kept pacifying. After a while, Xue Jiao’s tears slowly stopped, and she came to her senses from her nightmare.

She was a little embarrassed, hiccuping and saying, “Sorry……I had some nightmares……”

The voice on the other side of the phone was heavy and helpless.

“Jiao Jiao, don’t apologize to me, never.”

“En……hic……” Xue Jiao was still burping.

Lin Zhihua felt a little funny: “How can you still be like a little girl? If you don’t feel at ease, look out the window. “

“What?” Xue Jiao was in a daze.

Lin Zhihua breathed heavily, wiping his sweat, and insisted: “Open the curtains and take a look.”

Xue Jiao hiccuped on one hand, while climbing out of bed. She opened the curtains, and was suddenly stunned.

Downstairs, there was a man in casual clothes. His hair was still in a mess. He seemed to have some ordinariness that he would normally never have.

He smiled, waved to her, and whispered, “Jiao Jiao, I’m very good.”

Behind was the rising sun bringing the sky and the sunshine.

He stood under the sun and smiled at her, more dazzling than the sun.

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  1. Yes, don’t ever forgive those two scum men who almost killed their own grandson/nephew. That’s why until now I can’t think how could the Lin parents treated the accident as something simple. They even wanted Lin Zhihua to forgive the two scums especially the grandfather

    • Yes! So true!
      I can’t stand it when the victim is asked to forgive family members who deliberately harmed them because of “family bonds”. If you can disregard the family relationship to commit the crime don’t expect it to save you from retribution.

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  3. Somehow, I want to brag about my ability to eat spoiled food. I was fed a lot of rotten food growing up so now I dont get sick! Yeah, that was child abuse.


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  5. So Lin Zhihua died in that accident. Since there is no change between him before and after that accident (since no one suspected him), I guess he isn’t transmigrator too. He just keenly aware of JiaoJiao’s strangeness then.

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