SOOEW Chapter 195- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXV

Sure enough, as soon as they arrived at the company, they received instructions from the top management to hand over Jiang Ke to the other brokers before things expanded.

“I don’t agree.” Jiang Ke immediately refused.

The person who came to convey the instructions was surprised, “Why? Don’t you know that it’s not right for you two to stand together now? It’s easy to remind fans of the existence of this matter and intensify contradictions. “

“I don’t agree either.” Wen Ying stood up from her chair, “Gossip may decrease his popularity, but the company should trust his ability to stay in the entertainment industry, and not simply rely on his popularity. If Huandi was in chaos because of an accident, I’m afraid it can’t afford to be a giant company in the circle. “


Knowing that the other party was using the method of agitation, the other party will still have mood swings, so Wen Ying said in a timely manner, “Let me handle it. I can judge the effect of the situation on him. Now, it is far from shaking Jiang Ke’s position. How do you know that changing the agent will not cause the next wave of public opinion?”

The visitor hesitated.

Wen Ying continued, “In any case, I’m Jiang Ke’s agent. This decision is up to me. Correspondingly, the responsibility is also up to me.”

Hearing this, Jiang Ke couldn’t help looking at her.

It was unknown why, but at this time, the two people stood together to make the same decision, just like hand in hand, on the same boat. This wonderful emotion made him feel a little shaken. He thought that there was no better candidate in the company. He made a choice after comparison, but now he has completely strengthened his faith.

Deep in the night, Wen Ying saw the flashing caller ID on the screen. The name of “Yang Sen”

came into her eyes with the light of the screen. She yawned and answered the phone.


“Did you see the latest news on the Internet?” There was a lot of noise coming from his side. However, Yang Sen’s hoarse voice could still be clearly heard in her ears. She knew about his condition. After listening to his voice, she probably knew that he had not slept well for several nights. He didn’t wait for her to answer, and then said, “You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll deal with it. It won’t affect you.”

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Wen Ying’s reaction was very quick. Thinking of what she wants to do, “You don’t want to turn all the attention on you, do you?”

There was silence.

“Please——” because she was sleepy, her voice was a little lazy. “You and Jiang Ke are both actors. The situation will have a greater influence on you both. I’m just a worker behind the scenes. It doesn’t matter if I’m scolded.” She said, “You don’t have to bear the burden in your heart. I’m mainly thinking about Jiang Ke. The statement should be sent by me.”

Hearing that sentence easily and naturally spit out from her mouth, Yang Sen’s heart felt like it was being pinched heavily, and suddenly he felt a little depressed.

Once she stood by his side, busying about for him. All the focus was on him, and around him alone. Now, she has become Jiang Ke’s agent.

“You and Jiang ke……” he couldn’t help asking.

Wen Ying answered with a smile: “You wouldn’t happen to also believe those lies on the Internet, do you? That day was your celebration, so I had two more drinks. It was an accident. “

Yang Sen knew about her drinking more that day. The reason was not because of his celebration banquet, but because she was ordered to transfer him to Liu Yi. He agreed. He just wanted them to be separated for a while, and she doesn’t have any other artists in her hands. Without him, she can also divide the resources and concentrate on promoting two more people.

Later he learned that she handed in her resignation when she heard the news.

She confessed to him that day but he didn’t accept it, so she kissed him. But what he didn’t know was that later she had a kiss with Jiang Ke in the garden, not long after she had kissed him.

When he called, he didn’t mean to ask. It was an accident to hear her explain. He felt better and said, “It seems that the photos of the hotel are also fake. I don’t know who put out the news.”

“The pictures, contrarily, are true……”

He just heard her say half a word, then a familiar man’s sleepy voice transferred over, “Whose phone call?”

As a friend, Yang Sen was familiar with the owner of the voice. It was Jiang Ke.

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