SOOEW Chapter 196- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXVI

The phone was quiet for a few seconds, Wen Ying held the phone and said to Jiang Ke, “Go to sleep first, I’ll finish the call, and then we can talk again.”

“Is it Jiang Ke?” On the other side of the phone, it seemed that Yang Sen’s voice became low and dumb. “How can you be together at this time……if someone were to take a picture at this time, it would be even more difficult to clean up.”

“Forget about the reason since it’s work. I’ll pay attention.” Wen Ying replied lightly. She held her forehead,”Where did we speak up to……”

She hadn’t finished speaking, and was interrupted by Jiang Ke again: “Let me go to bed. You should at least tell me which bed is mine first.”

“It’s in front. The third room on the left.”

“I won’t sleep in the guest room. The sheets in the room must have been unchanged for a long time.” He refused.

“Ok, you sleep on the couch.”

He came sleepily, and grabbed the person from behind, placing his chin on her shoulder, “How long can your sofa be, I can’t lie in. Can’t I sleep in the master bedroom’s bed? “

“Jiang Ke!” Wen Ying calmly warned him, “Be careful I report you for sexual harassment in the workplace.”

“Really not thinking about my suggestion?” His hand was on her waist, and he stepped in and whispered, “It’s not like we haven’t slept already……”

He spoke very softly. Yang Sen, who was on the other end of the phone, thought he had heard it wrong, but the more he couldn’t believe it, the clearer the playback of the words in his mind. He thought she said “the picture was true”, since the picture was true, then that was to say that they went to the hotel on that day, and even further things had happened……

They were all adults. What happened when they went to the hotel together in that situation, everyone could think of it.

Yang Sen held the phone tightly, not wanting to continue to listen to it. His hand rationally pressed the red eye-catching “end call” key first.

Jiang Ke……

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In fact, at first, he didn’t feel that he liked her much. The two people were in a cooperative standpoint. At first, they met with a face of frustration in the circle, and worked together to find a way together. Over time, he would naturally have feelings. But he thought that he understood her, yet he often couldn’t see through her. She should love herself very much, and the focus of life is on him, but besides him, she will also keep an ambiguous relationship with other men. Jiang Ke thought he didn’t know, but how could he not know when he was the closest to her?

Since he understood this, he would certainly not put his heart on her.

But, perhaps habit is also a kind of emotion. When she was around, he didn’t feel it, but when she left with some distance, seeing that she would raise one after another into a high position, as if any one could replace his position, he suddenly surprised himself when he realized that he envied them. He envied that they could stand by her side, envied that they were receiving her careful care like the him from before.

Because of work. He sat on the chair and laughed lowly. Every excuse was this. He doesn’t know if she was too lazy to cover it up or really treated him as a fool.

Wen Ying stopped the noisy Jiang Ke, then proceeded to answer the phone. She only heard the “dudu” sound. She lifted her head to look at Jiang Ke.

Jiang Ke was stared at until he felt baffled, “What’s wrong? I haven’t even thrown any tantrums. You can continue to answer the phone. What are you looking at me for? “

“Hang up.” She said coldly.


“Yang Sen.”

Jiang Ke was heavily shocked: “Wait……Ah Sen? !”

“Or what did you think?” She asked.

He certainly thought it was the two younger generations who did not know how to respect their predecessors!

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