SOOEW Chapter 197- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXVII

“When I heard you admit to the other that the picture was real, I thought it was a lover.” So I dare to make big jokes, of course, there were also other interests in doing so. Jiang Ke saw her look at himself with deep meaning, and touched his own nose.

“Since you are not sleepy, then continue to pick a script.” She glanced at the coffee table, which was covered fully in scripts, and said to him faintly.

Jiang Ke wanted to cry without tears.

Stars had many interviews conducted directly at a hotel because they ran on a tight schedule.

Based on the recent storm and rain, when Yang Sen held an interview, the team of Yang Sen treated them as an enemy, afraid that the other party would ask an improper question, and freeze the scene. As a result, they didn’t expect that, when the other party exceeded the pre-determined interview, they continuously asked “What is your relationship with Wen Ying”, “I’ve heard that your relationship with Jiang Ke is pretty good, right?” “Why would your former agent have intimate contact with both of you in one day” Yang Sen said nothing but stood up from his position and walked out in the next second.

The interviewer was confused, and when he wanted to block it, he was blocked instead.

They have communicated in advance. They could not ask beyond the contents of the draft review. They broke the rules first, and naturally dared not create noise. But Yang Sen’s attitude was misinterpreted as “arrogance”, and the team still left people to negotiate with them to avoid greater conflicts.

Yang Sen’s pace was fast, and the people who followed him were almost unable to catch up with him. Just as he was about to reach the elevator entrance, the elevator door opened and Jiang Ke stepped out of it.

The team who followed Yang Sen were dazed at first, then they reacted  to who this was. In this gap, Yang Sen had already gone back without even taking a look.

“Hello, wait……” Jiang Ke ran up in a few quick steps, and grabbed Yang Sen’s elbow. “Are you still a friend? At least listen to my explanation first. The hotel thing, let’s not say first. The day before yesterday was a joke with her. I didn’t know you were the one answering the phone, I——”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Yang Sen suddenly returned. The fist that has been suppressed swung, “Bang” and hit his abdomen, making a dull noise.

Jiang Ke suddenly bent down, snorting, his heart burst into flames, “What are you being crazy for? !”

“I’m being crazy?” Yang Sen was cold. “I just wanted to ask you what madness you are exhibiting, Jiang Ke. Do you know who she is?”

“Who is she? Isn’t she just Wen Ying, a gold broker in the industry, who helped you get the title of the movie emperor!” Jiang Ke squinted painfully. Just before, the other party didn’t make any concessions. He licked his lips in annoyance and said, “You f****** don’t like her anyways. What, after seeing the photos, you felt like you don’t like it when your own things are robbed?”

“Then you like her?” Yang Sen approached, pulled his collar, and asked in a low voice, “Who was the one who used to tell me that she was loose and advised me to stay away from her? Now that you rolled with her, you got caught up by her? “

“Before, I was……” He spoke halfway before stopping a while, then whispering, “That’s right, it’s really nice to go to bed with her. It makes it really hard to endure, and makes me want to try it a few more times.”

Yang Sen grabbed his collar and it seemed that another punch was going to fly out.

“Forget it, Yang Sen, you like her.” Jiang Ke said this sentence softly, and he looked at his furious eyes, “Since you like her, why not say it?”

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Yang Sen was shocked that his furious expression froze, and then he suddenly released his hand, which made Jiang Ke stagger backward two steps.

“……There’s nothing to say.” He said.

Jiang Ke looked at him for half a day, his hands inserted into his pocket, and looked embarrassed, but calm. “To be honest, she and you were rejected that day, and I saw it,” he said. I had probably had two more drinks, and I was not too sober to laugh at her – you know we’ve been in a bad position, and I can’t miss the chance. Later, I was not clear, neither of us were awake, but she probably thought I was like you… Conscientiously, she was not bad for you. Although there was a problem with lifestyle, you were not qualified to care who she was with since you refused her. Is it unreasonable to temper me for this purpose? “

Yang Sen was silent.

“I’ve always been jealous of you.” Jiang Ke sighed in a low voice, “I think it’s because you can develop smoothly on the big screen. You even took the movie king and completely crushed me down. You’re really good, but you don’t find that, you have limitations. If you look at your early works, you will find that your personal traces are too heavy. Every character is like you, and it is difficult to distinguish them. But later, you gradually became better, and everyone could understand it thoroughly, even in the details. I was very surprised. I asked why you could correct your shortcomings in such a short time, and how you did it. Do you remember your answer? “

“It’s because of her…”

“That’s right.” Jiang Ke nodded, “She helped you with this kind of training, studied the script for you, helped you conceive the character’s behavior, and went deep into every detail. Of course, she was very strict indeed. Once you fail to meet her requirements, you must start all over again. You have complained to me that her arrangement always makes you breathless. But if you can go up, what does it matter? You don’t know the pain of wandering in the same place all the time, so I’ll enjoy what you abandon.”

Yang Sen suddenly noticed something, “Jiang Ke, do you also like her?”

Jiang Ke didn’t admit it and didn’t deny it. He just said, “In the past, her whole heart was on you, and no one could take it away, but now she’s beside me, and I feel very relieved. Thank you for turning her down. “

When there was a fierce fight on the Internet, it was unknown where the news came out that Yang Sen and Jiang Ke had a fight, which reminded people of the recent hot kiss incident. The drama of two men fighting for one woman immediately ignited the enthusiasm of the masses and spread quickly.

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