SOOEW Chapter 198- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXVIII

However, the fans’ dissatisfaction with Wen Ying has reached its peak, but just because there was no picture or video evidence, it could not be used as the main “crime”.

In fact, although the response on the Internet this time was worse than that of the last time, the impact on Wen Ying was not as big as that of the last time. At that time, she happened to be looking for a new entertainment company. It was easy for people to use her as a tool to lower the price. But now her value has been seen by Huan Di. She has a good chance to enjoy the cool shade by relying on a big tree. Although she was making a lot of noise on the Internet, it has been controlled within a certain range.

As for the “gifts” she received from Yang Sen and Jiang Ke’s fans, the threatening letters that scared Yun Ou and the fragmented insects were all thrown into the garbage can by her without her expression changing.

She didn’t do anything else. She only made a statement on the Internet, which was quite impressive.

The general meaning was: I had a very happy cooperation with Mister Yang Sen, but now the cooperation is over, and my main energy is on the artists who have signed a contract with me, including Jiang Ke. As for private matters, thank you for paying attention to my emotional world, but it has nothing to do with you. Please look at a single woman’s private life rationally.

There will be at least two camps when any statement is posted on the Internet. This time, it’s the same. The bad people think that she was too understated and misleading, but the good people thought that it was a good gesture that she could stand up. After all, she was the woman. In the case of the man’s inaction, the woman actually took the lead in taking the responsibility, which was quite rare.

But no matter how it was said, the line of sight that originally scattered to Yang Sen and Jiang Ke, mostly turned to her with this move.

Ning Xiao, Zhou Zhou and Jiang Ke were probably a little worried. They called her and expressed their views. There were still many suggestions. She replied: “If you are worried, you should work harder for me. The most important thing for an agent is the artist, not their reputation. “

In fact, she could find out something about the photo incident, which has more or less something to do with Liu Yi. Originally, the photo should have been sent earlier. With the first scandal, it should’ve broke out, but maybe because of the image of Yang Sen, Liu Yi suppressed it.

It’s a pity that Yang Sen couldn’t keep his achievements in her hands. On the contrary, his career popularity declined. In addition, he didn’t like her means, so Yang Sen applied to change his agent.

Liu Yi grew hatred because of love, so she suddenly burst out the photos in her hands.

Compared with washing herself white immediately, Wen Ying felt that the pressure of public opinion was not bad. External pressure was a kind of motivation to a certain extent. Even if it was to make her face bright, the three artists who don’t save worries for her would work hard.

Wen Ying thought about it and sent a simple Weibo.

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“The movie king that I can create, is not only one.”

After the release, her Weibo comments were bombed again, mostly mocking her for boasting. It took her seven years for a Yang Sen, how long will it take for the next one?

The three people who have swiped on Weibo all feel that they have a heavy burden, but they were glad that she liked them. They think that the person she was talking about is themselves!

Taking advantage of this momentum, Wen Ying signed new plays for all three of them.

Among them, Zhou Zhou’s choice was a film with a fantasy color. The actor’s preparation period was half a year. During this period, he needed to spare time to cooperate with director Yin Cheng’s training.

Director Yin Cheng was a well-known director in the world, and one of the few well-known directors who can be recognized by Westerners. His works even won the best director award of the Golden Elephant award in country A. As long as it was plays that featured him as a director, actors would fight each other for a chance to be in it, but director Yin Cheng’s biggest feature was that he liked to use non-professional actors who are bold and free from rules. New actors will also be given more patience and opportunities.

This time, Zhou Zhou won his favor. It can be said that while he moved him with his own ability, he also wanted to provide an opportunity for younger actors.

Wen Ying knew that in the original track, the play would also be performed by a new actor, and finally, he won the best newcomer award of the Golden Horn award, which can be said to be a hit. Compared with the young actor of expressionism, the performance style of Zhou Zhou was more popular with Director Yin Cheng, so under her influence, the track of history has changed a little.

In a word, the so-called “international” put forward by Wen Ying earlier was only a temporary strategic policy, or a beautiful blueprint for others, which was still very difficult to realize. But it’s not unimaginable to get on the boat of director Yin Cheng.

As for Ning Xiao, with his transformation, in order to break people’s stereotype of him as a child star, she specially selected a love play with a small framework, which was better than that of those about male talent and female beauty, full of warmth in plot interaction, and had the so-called “bed play” that he wanted, but it was also very warm and does not belong to the kind of fierce behavior. This was also one of her considerations. She should not rush to transform and arouse the public’s rebellious psychology.

Finally, it was Jiang Ke. This was her first cooperation with Jiang Ke, so she has devoted all of herself to it.

In the end, she accepted an invitation from a Hong Kong director to play Jiang Ke in his new play, an action comedy, involving espionage, gambling and many other subjects. Jiang Ke was going to play the role of the boss of an evil little gang. He has become a temporary staff member of the state secret service. Through a series of wits and braves with the villains, he has become a full member of the Department.

This was a complete commercial film. When Jiang Ke’s popularity was shaken by the scandal, he received it in order to regain his fans’ love and boost his popularity. After all, after years of wasted time, it’s difficult for him to receive a high-quality script, and that’s the default rule in the entertainment industry. With profitable films and popularity, it’s much easier to choose a good script.

Jiang Ke doesn’t underestimate the difficulty of this commercial film at all. He needed to learn and grasp the rhythm of both the play and the comedy. Fortunately, he studied very hard. The play and the gunfight parts were all played by him in person, and the director was full of praise for him.

It wasn’t until one day, Wen Ying received a conversation from Jiang Ke’s assistant that said, “Sister Ying, do you have time to come here? There’s an underwater play here, but he’s NG many times. I think the director is a little unhappy. Brother Jiang……is afraid of water. “

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