WFILTU Chapter 258 – Escort IV

This was the turning point in many people’s lives.

On this day, it seemed that people all over the country were making way for this group of students who studied hard. The police come and go to transport the students on the road by battery cars. Parents dare not speak too loud, and their voices turn into muttering. No honking was allowed within a radius of several kilometers, and even this road with several high schools was blocked.

This day was the hard work of a student from the age of five, seven to the age of seventeen or eighteen. It was also the expectations of a family for more than ten years.

College entrance examination, the three words itself held a heavy power.

After the bell of the entrance examination rang, the parents became nervous.

Li Sitong wanted to say something. She turned her head and said, “Ming……”

Xue Jiao took out her textbook and Cheng Shuo took out his newspaper.

Li Sitong: “……”

She curled her mouth and turned her head.

Next to her, someone immediately said to her, “That’s your daughter ah. She’s so beautiful!”

Li Sitong immediately laughed: “Yes, this is my daughter.”

“Looks better than a star! What grade is she in? “

“Year two.”

“She’s already attending year two, so today’s college entrance examination is……” Many people around her began to talk.

Before long, everyone who spoke to Li Sitong knew that her son was in the college entrance examination, and he had been recommended to Tsinghua University. Her daughter was a sophomore in high school this year, and she is also a student in Qizhong school. She was ranked the first in year 2 of high school. Her son and daughter both obtained the first prize in the mathematics competition at the beginning of this year!

Suddenly, a large number of people gathered around her to ask for advice on education.

Li Sitong raised her chin slightly and her eyebrows danced. Her interest was much higher than that of hers when shopping in luxury goods stores.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes and met Cheng Shuo’s sight, before silently looking away.

And then——

Xue Jiao continued to study and Cheng Shuo continued to read the newspaper.

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When Cheng Mingze just left and saw the image of the three, he was stunned. He couldn’t help but use Cheng Shuo’s mobile phone to shoot several photos.

None of them asked Cheng Mingze how he did, but they took good care of him.

This lasted all the way until the end of the college entrance examination the next afternoon.

With the first student crying and laughing and screaming out of the examination room, this session of the college entrance examination was over.

The next one to take the college entrance examination was Xue Jiao!

Cheng Mingze walked out of the examination room with a smile.

Xue Jiao saw his expression and was immediately relieved.

In the original text, Cheng Mingze was in the midst of the fuss, and his target was only the city’s financial university, so he may not have given full play to his strength.

This time, Xue Jiao expected him to fight freely in his own sky like an eagle.

“How was the exam?” Li Sitong met him and asked nervously.

Cheng Shuo grinned and confidently said, “I used all my strength.”

Xue Jiao also laughed, her eyes slightly moistening.

She took over Gu Xuejiao’s life and had all her memories. She was already counted as half a Gu Xuejiao.

In the original text, few of the people she cared about really led a good life.

Even Cheng Mingze also went down a path that he didn’t want to go on.

In this life, Xue Jiao hopes that her weak influence can make everyone better and lead a happy life.

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