WFILTU Chapter 259 – Escort V

As soon as the college entrance examination was over, Cheng Mingze made it clear that he did not need to stay at home to study volunteeringly, so he packed up his things and went out to travel.

He went out with a smile on his face.

In this life, Cheng Mingze had all the appearances that a teenager should have, instead of being young and mature and forcing himself to grow up.

On this day, Xue Jiao began school.

It was also the last monthly exam before the end of the term.

As usual, with her bag on her back, she went to the public notice board while listening to her device.

Before she approached, someone had already said——

“Chu Sheng finally won over Gu Xuejiao!”

Xue Jiao paused. Chu Sheng’s score was higher than hers?

In fact, Xuejiao was a little prepared, but she was still very uncomfortable. She was a little absent-minded at the beginning of this month, but Chu Sheng had kept on working hard……

Her heart was slightly uncomfortable, a little astringent. Very soon, she shook her head, raising her spirits.

Victory or defeat was a matter of military affairs. She will continue to work harder next time!

At this time, Chu Sheng came out from the inside, his cheek was slightly red.

He came to Xue Jiao, who also exposed a smile, “Congratulations.”

Chu Sheng stammered: “No……it’s because you were in a bad mood before……”

Xue Jiao had no choice but to smile: “But the college entrance examination will not depend on the mood. You were really better than me this time, but I would not be discouraged!”

She clenched her fist, her cheeks bulging slightly.

Chu Sheng scratched his head sheepishly. “You were only one point less than me……I will continue to work hard!”

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With that, he ran away, presumably to go work hard.

Xue Jiao shook her head and followed to the classroom.

She was not the kind of person who couldn’t accept failure. In fact, Chu Sheng had always been very powerful. Xue Jiao had used her extra life to “cheat”, but Chu Sheng had real strength.

But she will not admit defeat, a failure is not terrible, she could admit defeat, but could not accept it.

This time falling from the first rank let Xue Jiao understand that she was not always ranked first. Even if she was reborn, she would still be pressed down by others.

So she has to work harder. Last month, Gu Shiyun’s incident affected her. It’s a matter of her mentality.

She was now preparing for the key time of the college entrance examination, and could not be affected by anything!

Xue Jiao quickened her pace and returned to the classroom.

“That……nerd…… you……” Yi Tianyu stammered. He already knew Xue Jiao’s achievements. He was worried and wanted to comfort her.

He was afraid that she would be sad and also that she would be discouraged……

Xue Jiao raised her hand, made an x, and then said——


She finished speaking, then buried herself into work!

Yi Tianyu: “……”

Fine, he was worried for nothing.

He still doesn’t understand Xueba’s world.


Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng seemed like they were competing. It wasn’t until the end of the term, that they both put out one hundred and two percent of their efforts, hoping to have 48 hours a day to work hard.

It wasn’t until the end of the final exam that they were able to breathe a sigh of relief at the same time.

She rubbed her tired eyes. Just as she wanted to say something, Chu Sheng had already turned back——

“Student Gu Xuejiao, my mother enrolled me in a cram school. Would you like to join me?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She paused, “Go back and have a look……”

Chu Sheng was a good opponent. He not only hopes to improve himself, but also hoped that his opponent would improve too, and then continued to compete……

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  1. How could you possibly miss any questions (on anything except language/essays) if you just spent all day studying? It seems like you would have everything else memorized if you were putting in like 16+ hours every day of the week.

    • Hmmm it might be because of the education system is very different.
      In many countries the education system is very poorly defined and the exams are very illogically made .I think its like the system has very high expectations of students , if you wanna score good marks you can just practice the syllabus as it is but the if you wanna be on top you are expected to go out of your way to practice any material even remotely related to the subject.
      Some high population countries make the exam extremely difficult because there are too many students and the country only wants the best.

      • Yeah, you are right. Here in Asia we study Advance Calculus in highschool to give an example.

        You can pass with about 60-80% score if you study hard. But for the remaining 20% of the test, that is where some talent and passion is needed. Sometime you has to create an entire ad hoc equation to solve the problem.

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  3. look at this nerd pair, our MC is too cute and its easy to pair her with any of these 2MLs

  4. They had too many exams! I’m just reading about about it, but i already got stressed!

  5. I suddenly realize a very sad realization in this novel. The original FL pay with her life to the people she owed in the original text. Her life, choices and taking the wrong path influenced all those people around her. Her mother died, her brother maybe wasn’t happy to his choices, the stepdad continously clean her mess, it was like, she herself gave up and let the transmigrated FL to correct her choices.

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