WFILTU Chapter 260 – Escort VI

They returned back to their own classrooms, packing up. Yin Fang came in with a large pile of papers.

“Be quiet!”

Suddenly, there was no sound.

“This is twenty-five sets of simulation questions. Remember to do one every day when you go back home.”

“Oh——” they all wailed.

Yin Fang frowned and patted the table hard.

“Are twenty-five sets of papers a lot? Your holiday is 40 days! You don’t even have to do one a day! There was also the previous wrong problem set. Everyone should do it again, write it down with an exercise book, and hand it in at the beginning of school. “


She looked at the following students, with an expression of hating iron for not turning into steel: “This year’s college entrance examination, year three, student Cheng Mingze had achieved outstanding results as the provincial science champion! He is the pride of our school, but also the pressure for our year! Let’s not relax. The headmaster ordered us to continue our glory this time!”

That’s right, Cheng Mingze, the provincial science champion, scored 718 points, which was the highest score in the whole country.

There were three rounds of the school commendation conference alone. Of course, Cheng Mingze didn’t show up. He just recorded a video.

“Oh——” The students all had dead fish eyes.

Indeed, there were 25 papers, less than one set a day on average.

But……for the following……

The Chinese teacher also brought over 20 papers;

The math teacher also brought 25 papers;



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Many students had no expression, high school only had this ability. Letting you have a holiday was also like being in school, nonstop.

This was no problem for Xuejiao. According to her rhythm, these papers were not enough for her to write this holiday.

“Holy f***, I can’t cram anymore!” Yi Tianyu scolded that his schoolbag could not hold all his homework!

Xue Jiao also placed the books in boxes on the ground one by one. They were going to move all these away. After all, they were going to change to the legendary Sanyuanhuiding, the teaching building with the best Feng Shui.

“If you can’t place it down, just hold it in your hands.”

Yi Tianyu looked at her, his handsome face wrinkling. He bowed his head and approached her——

“Hey, nerd, I won’t see you for another 40 days and you won’t even come out to play……”

Xue Jiao shot him a glare: “Play what play, it’s almost time for the college entrance examination!”

Yi Tianyu’s brows drooped, and he kept saying: “Not listening, not listening, Wang Ba recites scriptures……”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She stopped for a moment and then said, “Remember to finish the paper. I won’t copy it for you.”

Yi Tianyu: “……don’t ah!”

Xue Jiao looked serious: “Really, so you do it yourself.”

“Oh——” Yi Tianyu’s eyes were dead.

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