WFILTU Chapter 261 – Escort VII

Xue Jiao’s book has been put away, and Yi Tianyu’s has also been put away.

She bent down and hugged the box. It was hard for her to pick it up.

It was too heavy!

Suddenly her hand lightened as a pair of hands reached over to accept it.

Yi Tianyu held the box and said, “Come on, don’t crush your little arms and legs.”

“Forget it, you still have your own box. Give it to me.” Xue Jiao stared at him.

Yi Tianyu didn’t let go and put the box on top of his own box, “I’ll hold this. You can take the others.”

Xue Jiao paused, looking sillily at him: “What else is there?”

What else besides books? Why doesn’t she remember?

Yi Tianyu handed her the cups of the two people on the table, then picked up the two boxes and went out——

“You hold the cups and I’ll bring these outside the school gate.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

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Her eyes looked generally at the two cups in her hands sillily, then hurriedly went to catch up.

“Wei! Yi Yu, it’s too heavy! Let’s carry it together!”

She yelled and ran out, holding the two cups in her hands with her light blue school bag on her back.

She chased all the way up to the school gate, but was unable to catch up.

Yi Tianyu placed the box on the ground. Uncle Xing and Yi Tianyu’s driver immediately came and picked it up.

The school does not allow outsiders to go in. As long as they take the things out, it counts as liberating.

“I’m so tired!” Yi Tianyu wiped his head with sweat.

“Who told you to carry them and continuously run!” Xue Jiao rolled her eyes and handed him two pieces of paper.

Yi Tianyu took it, wiping his sweat while sticking out his tongue. His basketball jersey has been soaked thoroughly.

“It’s fine. This is……the power of knowledge……”

As soon as he finished, he couldn’t help adding a sentence——

“Shit! The power of knowledge is so damn heavy! “

“Puchi——” Xue Jiao laughed.

Yi Tianyu paused for a moment. The hand wiping his sweat stopped, only feeling more hot, with his face even heating up.

Immediately, he stammered: “Nerd……you should smile more……”

Xue Jiao: “……” this fool.

But in fact, Yi Tianyu had a good impression toward his deskmate and had been helping her.

Xue Jiao was grateful, so she told him: “Remember to study during your break!”

Yi Tianyu: “……”


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