SOOEW Chapter 201- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLI

Eldest Young Miss……

She caught his sleeve when he could not not endure any longer, and had to go up for air. She approached him, gently attaching to his lips and teeth, and then she took a little air and inserted it into his mouth. This kiss was shy and beautiful, like a romantic woman who finally found an excuse to secretly kiss her sweetheart.

Jiang Ke, who had suppressed his anger, seemed to be in the role instantaneously, forgetting to be angry with her, but kissing her with a little bit of caution, guilt and intoxication.

Before the monitor, the director and the deputy director stare at the screen, and their surprised look was revealed from their eyebrows.

There were many photography cameras in the pool, so that they could shoot the scene from 360 degrees without any dead corners. Now, the box on the screen bears a great shot. At the bottom of the pool, there were beautiful painting tiles. They were kissing there. The long hair of the woman fluttered in the water and the body was beautiful and stretched. It was a great performance of shooting in the water.

Her precise and subtle expression was even more amazing. She closed her eyes, and her eyelashes fluttered, fully conveying a shy nature. However, the radian of her lips rose to a bright position, showing her nature of playfulness and how satisfied she was about the scenes in her fantasy.

At the end of the kiss, Wen Ying went upstream first. Jiang Ke followed behind her, floating up to the water, as if he lost his soul.

On shore, the light reflected eight angles, and ambiguous eyes. Not everyone was like the director, who knew what they did at the bottom of the water, but this did not hinder their brain from supplementing a scene that was inappropriate for children.

If Jiang Ke dragged her into the water for only revenge, then did it require such a long time? They have long heard the rumors between them. Now, it seems that Jiang Ke stole her from the hands of Yang Sen.

Before, many people thought that Wen Ying had no charm except for her appearance. Looking carefully, she still had a delicate and indifferent eyebrow rising from the water, but the bead slipped from her hair all the way to her chin, which made her have a taste that……couldn’t be described.

Jiang Ke suddenly felt unhappy, took the towel the assistant handed over, wrapping her up first.

“You can act?” He asked in a low voice.

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“A little bit.” She said, “Acting a lot with you guys let me gain a feel for it, but only for simple roles. Acting is not my hobby. “

He laughed and heard the deeper meaning behind her words. Because it was not her hobby, she was too lazy to study in depth. Talented people were always more talented in moving people. When he thought of her performance just now, Jiang Ke had moved his heart, and that kiss, it just gave him a special feeling, which makes him unable to bear to think back and forth again and again……if it were not the wrong place, he may do something unexpected.

Wen Ying waited until Jiang Ke had finished his scenes for the day before preparing to leave with him.

Except for the first scene, the diving scene that got stuck at the beginning, Jiang Ke was very smooth in his acting. In the aspect of acting, Jiang Ke insisted on not finding a stunt double, and completing all of the actions himself. Some of the difficulties were too big, and they required some basic skills. He asked for martial arts guidance in private and began to practice from the foundation.

The director was really satisfied with him, but after two days of talking to Wen Ying, he asked if she was interested in the development of this side of the industry, putting the Jiang Ke standing nearby unable to cry or laugh.

Seeing the director’s sweet face, they were serious actors, but they were not as good as a broker at pleasing him? ?

Jiang Ke’s serious performance while acting in the film, as the road revealed to the powder circle, gradually, because the kiss event had shaken fans, but they were also moved by his serious dedication. Seeing his private hard training of the way, they could not help but feel heartache. Plus his black boss this time, it is said that the wave has reached the extreme, handsome and ruffian, showing his advantages, and the death of the fans, that is, the face-cons powders were obsessed to death.

However, just as the filming time of 《Extraordinary Way》was about to end, Jiang Ke suddenly went to the hospital for a leg fracture from a fight. Wen Ying was ready to rush to the hospital, but the phone rang again. Something had also happened on Zhou Zhou’s side, and said that he had also encountered an accident in the film.

She was standing in place, temporarily feeling a little thorny.


Small theatre:

Ning Xiao: (sighs) only I am all-around human, it seems you can only pick me.

Jiang Ke: My leg hurts very much! I need Ying Ying to kiss kiss before getting up!

Zhou Zhou: My heart is very painful. I need Ying Ying to kiss kiss before getting up!

Ning Xiao: Holy s***! Two scheming dogs!

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