SOOEW Chapter 202- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLII

Jiang Ke was injured by hanging on the strings and accidentally falling down. The situation was quite serious. He was supposed to stay in bed for several months, and in addition, he was in a martial arts drama with intense action. In this way, being in the crew would be difficult. If the play has just started, there would still be time for the actors to change. However, it just happened to be the end of the game when such a thing happened. The scenes were not much, but at the same time, a lot. If they were all replaced by the substitute, it was not appropriate.

Wen Ying went to see Jiang Ke. He had just gone out of the operating room, when he was pushed into the ward. His forehead was bursting with cold sweat, his lips slightly white, but when he saw her, he was still smiling.

Many people from the crew came, and were originally surrounding him smiling and laughing, but when they saw her, they all could not help stopping and laughing, because the impression she left last time was too deep. When they saw her, everyone had a light in their eyes, and they stepped lightly on their heels, all feeling that she was in a strong position.

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Wen Ying also did not pay any kind to the small shrimp and fries. She nodded her head to the deputy director, and turned her head back to the bed to look at Jiang Ke: “How about it?” She stood close, and her eyes were concerned.

Jiang Ke immediately said, “Pretty good.” However, as soon as he finished answering, he was scratched by Wen Ying’s nail. He felt a palpitation in his heart and suddenly reacted to it, and then he was weak and authentic. “Maybe the time for the anesthetic has not passed, but it can be tolerated for a while……”

“It’s a fracture, after all, it’s not a small thing.” She took the hot towel aside and wiped away his sweat, seemingly feeling heartache. The two began to sing a drama again tacitly, you come and I go. She straightened up and said, “Lie down well for now, and I’ll talk to the deputy director.”

Jiang Ke acted as a weak and poor person lying crooked in the bed, causing comfort to come from the surroundings.

Wen Ying took the lead in heading out. The deputy director was also unable to explain, and actually listened to her words, following out.

“Jiang Ke was injured. How do you plan on acting out the following scenes?” She walked to the corner of the corridor, turned back and asked.

If it weren’t for the director continuing to take scenes, she would not have approached the deputy director.

The deputy director could not understand her meaning, but carefully replied: “This……there are not many scenes behind. We dare not let him be too tired, so he just needs to show his face. The rest of the action will be done by the substitutes. The face can be added on later.”

“You’re 1 *formal form of you kidding right?” She spoke, and even realistically laughed lightly. People who saw it had an inexplicable feeling. She slowly and orderly said, “Our A Ke had always been using himself to act in all the key scenes. The fans also buy this fact. Towards the end, with the sudden change, if fans are dissatisfied with the idea and create noise, can the drama team bear this responsibility?”


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