WFILTU Chapter 264 – Cook II

Xue Jiao admired this teacher and also admired Mr. Wu who supported her all the time.

“Hello Teacher Zheng! Hello Grandpa Wu!” The three stood up together and said respectfully.

They all respected such teachers and their attitudes were extremely courteous.

It was worthy of respect for all people that an old person had contributed his whole life to the cause of education.

Grandpa Wu helped Teacher Zheng sit down opposite them on the sofa. She looked at several people and said, “I am Teacher Zheng. You may have to spend your holiday here~”

“It’s our honor.” Xue Jiao spoke with a smile, very sincere, her watering eyes looking at Teacher Zheng.

Chu Sheng was busy nodding.

Yi Tianyu glanced at Xue Jiao, and nodded with joy.

Teacher Zheng spoke while laughing: “Then you three little students should introduce yourselves, mainly on your learning situation.”

“My name is Chu Sheng, I am going to attend year three in Qizhong school. The total score is about 711 to 730. I am ranked second in the year, and I have already reviewed one round for myself.” Chu Sheng pushed on his glasses.

Xue Jiao was slightly surprised. So Chu Sheng was also reviewing the knowledge of high school?

The idea just turned, when Xue Jiao started to introduce herself.

“My name is Gu Xuejiao. I will be attending year three, studying at Qizhong. My total score is about 700-730, and I fluctuate between ranked one and two. I have also studied one round myself.”

Yi Tianyu: “???”

Teacher Zheng nodded with satisfaction, and everyone looked at Yi Tianyu at the same time.

He scratched his head, embarrassed, but he still spoke a word——

“My name is Yi Tianyu, attending year three, studying at Qizhong, the total score is……500-600. Whatever I learn in class…… is where I would learn up to.” Yi Tianyu suddenly felt that he was squeezing himself into the middle of two learning gods. This decision……seems to be a bit of a problem?

Teacher Zheng still nodded with a smile, and without surprise: “It’s nothing, I know about the progress in Qizhong school. The end of senior high school is the end of the high school curriculum. I will help you sort out the knowledge of high school today. Of course, I will not focus on English and Chinese, but mainly on combing mathematics and science. “

The three nodded cleverly.

“Let’s go to the study.” As Teacher Zheng spoke, they hurried up and helped her to the study.

The inside had been arranged well, just right with three people, a teacher, and a blackboard. The distance and layout were very good.

Teacher Zheng was not an indoctrination teacher. She will not instill all the knowledge onto them, but guide them instead.

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Therefore, it was better to say that Teacher Zheng was reviewing for them, rather than guiding them to review.

They started on mathematics today. She basically listed the main points and the rest was all based on their own memories.

At noon, they ate at Teacher Zheng’s house. Grandpa Wu was very skilled. After eating, they helped wash the dishes, and then started to study in the afternoon after a nap.

The progress was not slow and not fast. They only went over Year One of mathematics on the first day.

“Then we’ll end here first today. Bring your math homework tomorrow. I will not let you resort to copying your homework just for a supplementary course. Haha.” Teacher Zheng laughed.

Yi Tianyu was embarrassed and scratched his head, but to be honest, he still liked this little old lady.

They were more likable than all those teachers he had met before.

After school, the three went home.

The next day, the morning was still a review session, but in the afternoon, Teacher Zheng sipped a sip of tea, smiling and said: “This afternoon you will work on your own sets. After you finish, bring it up, and I’ll check on your solutions.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

Learning slag, do not like examinations very much. Although he is not considered a learning slag anymore, his heart was still one……

“All right.” Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng have both nodded, and each of them took out simulation roll three.

Yi Tianyu took out Simulation One and was immediately stunned: “Are you guys not working on Simulation One?”

Chu Sheng and Xue Jiao looked at him together, and didn’t speak.

Yi Tianyu scratched his head: “What’s the matter?”

Xue Jiao sighed and said: “We’ve been on break for two days already, one set a day, today, its time to grind at the third set. “

Yi Tianyu: “…………???

“You both did both of them? !”

The two nodded together.

“Ha ha ha, Student Xue Jiao and Student Chu Sheng brought one and two? Let me see, Student Yi Tianyu should still work on set one.” Teacher Zheng said with a smile.

Chu Sheng and Xue Jiao handed it in together. Teacher Zheng went to look at it carefully.

She didn’t not look at the problem set just because both Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng had accurate results. Instead, because Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng were both right, she looked intensely at their solving steps.

From below, Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng were working hard.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

He really regretted it! What is a learning slag attending extracurricular lessons squeezing together with a school tyrant for? !

He felt the thrill of an all-round critical hit?!

“Student Yi Tianyu, don’t be distracted.” Teacher. Zheng smiled while glancing at him.

It was unknown why, Teacher Zheng was very loving and benevolent, but created a feeling of anxiety in Yi Tianyu that was even stronger than facing Yin Fang.

He hurriedly lowered his head and began to write hard.

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  1. Lol at least now he knows how hard they work.. so they shouldn’t just be nerds anymore? XD
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  2. Why do I think this is a much more gentle way by the author to have Yi Tianyu get down the stages of a potential male lead?

    • Yeah. At least now he knows how different his hobbies and interests are compared to her. It’s actually pretty humane.

      • Well, frankly he just seems childish as compared to Zhihua. He just has a teen crush (dragging her here & there). but Zhihua treats her properly and yet doesn’t go overboard. He stays in his role as a mentor and supports her. Tianyu might be a good friend for supporting her in school but that’s it. As a partner, he is much much lacking and he is shown this here

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