WFILTU Chapter 265 – Cook III

Very soon, when Yi Tianyu began to write the fourth problem for mathematics, Chu Sheng handed in his papers.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

Five minutes later, Xue Jiao also handed hers in.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

When he finished his papers and brought out the next set, the two were already writing the last question of the fourth set.

He had not finished his question, and the two handed them in again.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

“Alright, I know your situation basically. On my side, I already have four sets from both Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng. I have one set from Tianyu. Chu Sheng received full marks on three sets, and one hundred and forty five points on the other. Xue Jiao received full marks on three sets and one hundred and forty five points on the last one. Tianyu received one hundred and thirty eight points on his. ” Teacher Zheng pushed up her glasses, and the three sat down seriously.

“Xue Jiao and Tianyu are both very strong. It can be said that in all the students I have carried for so many years, you are still the best. The five point deduction that Chu Sheng received was on the major problem of the fourth problem. He used the wrong calculation, and his estimation was too large, so his answer was off slightly, so he had five points deducted. In the final analysis, he was not detail-oriented enough, which is a big taboo on the College Entrance Examination! ” She was a little tired, speaking softly, and leaning against the chair.

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Teacher Zheng finished speaking. Chu Sheng nodded solemnly, his frown slightly tightening.

She picked up Xue Jiao’s papers again, looked at her and said, “Xue Jiao’s mistake resided in the last question. It’s not that you can’t but rather, the method was wrong, and the wrong method was used, right?”

Xue Jiao nodded, her frown knitted tighter than Chu Sheng.

Yi Tianyu did not understand, weren’t these two people just deducted five points? How did they seem worse off than hearing that the sky was collapsing?

“As for Tianyu……” Teacher Zheng paused.

Yi Tianyu looked up at her, and his heart tightened.

Teacher Zheng said: “There are more than enough of those with talents, but not enough diligence, and careless intention.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

“I know your problems, but you should also know them. When you do the problems later, you should give your own strengths and avoid weaknesses, paying attention to your problems, such as Chu Sheng……”

Teacher Zheng began to give examples and took a lot of questions out. She asked them to complete the questions before beginning her explanation.

On this day, the three people have gained a lot of insight.

Instead of brushing more questions or instilling more knowledge, it was more important to realize their own personal problems.

It wasn’t until 9 pm that day, when the three returned home. They were so tired that they immediately collapsed on the bed.

Yi family.

“Is our son asleep?” Yi Dafa raised his head.

Mother Yi nodded, closed the door softly, walked down and sighed: “Too tired, our son slept right after washing up. Even his hair had not been wiped, and he even snored. How can he be even more tired than playing basketball for a day?”

Yi Dafa’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, then released: “The mood is still very good. A person like our son, if he was really unable to endure it any longer, he would have quit a long time ago.”

Mother Yi sat on the sofa and sighed, “This is true too, but……is it worth forcing my son to go for the exam? You can see that he is tired into this shape, but he actually doesn’t need to do this at all. Her starting point is different from others. What’s the need……”

“Silly!” Yi Dafa glared at her, “Look at Lin Zhihua of the Lin family! Don’t think that our son’s starting point is higher than others now, but the starting point may be lower than others later! He studied for so many years yet he was unable to do well, would he do well in the future when he switches to business?”

“This is also true……” Mother Yi agreed.

Yi Dafa sat up straight: “I never ask him to turn into a study god, learning into a nerd. I want him to be able to focus, and do everything well that he would want to, that’s enough. Even if we left more for him, the world is changing, the times are progressive, who knows what the future may hold? Only his own ability belongs to him! Maybe everything I have today will just be bubbles in the future. Who knows?

Yi Tianyu was very lucky. He had a father who sincerely loved him.

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  2. True, true. Yi Tianyu has a father who sincerely loved him. Truly an enviable thing the world over.

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