SOOEW Chapter 204- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLIV

Since the last explosion of the kissing photo, Wen Ying’s name has been a frequent occurrence on the home page. If it is with Yang Sen or Jiang Ke, it is not difficult to run on trending. This time, the same thing happened, “Jiang Ke injured on scene with fracture,Wen Ying rushed to visit” information, those still chasing this gossip forwarded it very quickly.

Besides words, there are also pictures showing Wen Ying walking in high heels, listening to the phone, her expression fading from the usual indifference to expressing a little anxiety.

So when he was calling her, the line was always busy.

Zhou Zhou was actually not hurt too much. Their play is still in the preparation period. Because it is a fantasy movie, most scenes need to use no physical performance and special effects are added in the later stage. So, he is still in the class training especially for this performance. Zhou Zhou encountered a difficult bottleneck, did not play his own strength, and there was an actor in the crew who failed to obtain the male lead role, and only played another role. In such a case, it is natural to spread that he relied on relationships and not his acting skills that was greatly mentioned online. The atmosphere in the drama group has also become nervous. In a case of deliberate targeting, he was scratched on his hand by props.

Yun Ou does not disappoint. She grabs the one playing tricks as soon as she arrives on set. He is just a small role. There was no need to weigh it more and he was kicked away by the director responsible for selecting roles.

The situation seemed to end peacefully, but when Wen Ying heard the report from Yun Ou, she personally went there.

They train in a classroom similar to a dance room, with mirrors in all directions, so that they can see their performances clearly. Zhou Zhou stood in the center among the actors, looking out of place. Others mostly talk to their partner, sometimes giving him a glance, only he is listening to the teacher in concentration.

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However, when he comes to practice acting, his performance is always a little poor. Compared with him, the performance of the actor against him can be rated as wonderful and very real.

Wen Ying has an impression on this person. He is the man who should get the male leading role in the original track. Although he is a new person and was formally trained in the scientific class. A teacher he followed and director Yin Cheng are friends, so he has a way to participate in the audition.

Under such circumstances, Zhou Zhou’s pressure is conceivable that he has got the role, but he is not as good as the loser, so it is impossible not to doubt the reason why he got the role.

“Don’t make a fool of yourself if you can’t act well” The other side said impatiently and with a little scornfulness to Zhou Zhou, “it has been half a month, and still with this half dead appearance, I don’t know what ecstasy you have given the director!”

Zhou Zhou hung his eyelashes.

Just then, Wen Ying knocks on the door, hooking the attention of the people in the classroom.

At first sight of her, the classroom blew up the pot.

“F*** isn’t she that……Wen Ying!”

“Ah ah ah, I used to swipe on her gossip on Tianya! This is the actual person! “

“Golden broker! If I can be famous by the hidden rules, I want to be given her hidden rules… “

The little actors talked and talked for a while, looking at her as if they were seeing stars. After all, they were actors themselves. Besides the stars they adored, the agents were more attractive to them.

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