SOOEW Chapter 205- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLV

Although the reputation of Wen Ying was not very good, the industry has abandoned that style of questions, and reached an agreement on her work ability. It was simply summed up into four words, namely “Whoever she holds, is whoever becomes red(famous)”. She can hold the second movie emperor in her speech. Whether she could achieve it is something else, but it can be seen that her ambition is not small. Actors who don’t want to work with ambitious and capable agents are not good stars!

Compared with their surprise, Zhou Zhou strongly held back his emotions and greeted his teacher about leaving.

Everyone just remembered that Zhou Zhou’s agent was her!

Under her operation, even such an actor could become very popular, and become the Number one male lead under Director Yin’s new film. It was not only a matter of people’s stupidity, but also wanting to ride her car.

And their special vision on Zhou Zhou made him acutely aware of that. For a while, his steps were faster.

“How did you……come here?” He asked.

“I missed you so I came.” Her words were just spoken, when she saw him suddenly look up, smilingly saying: “Yo, our big brand Zhou Zhou finally can look up to see me?”

He turned around his sight.

“I found that you’re not getting along well with other actors.”

“En.” He did not deny it. Although she taught him to communicate with people at the beginning of his life, he still found it very difficult to carry out.

“It is undoubtedly good for you to deal with people well. Jiang Ke does a good job on this point. So he will be forgiven easily for his delay and injury and ensure the normal operation for the following shooting.”

He knew she was right. Jiang Ke was really powerful, but he still felt a little bit unhappy.

But she turned to the front and suddenly said, “But there are always exceptions. Zhou Zhou, you are the exception. “

He looked up at her unexpectedly.

“It’s a bit cruel, but honey, that’s the privilege of a genius.” She said with a slight smile: “What they need to work hard to do, you don’t have to pay attention to it. You just need to be good enough and shocking enough, so no one will ever be against you again. “

His eyes were dim, “But I……”

“But you met a bottleneck? That’s very normal. Actually, I just watched your practice performance——” she smiled at him suddenly and said,” That’s truly a bit bad. What do you think is the most important thing about performance without physical objects? “

He didn’t feel lost, but instead, he could feel that he had touched the barriers. Hearing her question, he thought carefully and replied, “Imagination?”

“Yes, imagination.” Wen Ying said, “But not imagination without foundation.”

He nodded, just raising his ears to continue listening, but only listened to her say, “You take a seat, I will tell you a story.”

He was puzzled.

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They found a corner with a bench in the building where the training class was located. After she sat down, she pointed to the position next to her, and he sat down.

She said she would tell stories, and she really started telling stories. She told a story about the sea. The story was called the daughter of the sea, the story of a mermaid.

Zhou Zhou didn’t feel impatient. Her voice, even when she was telling fairy tales that were well known, slowly intoxicated him. At the end of the story, the mermaid turned into a bubble and disappeared over the sea. She asked him, “If you were to play the prince at this time, can you imagine yourself standing on deck and watching her bubble?”

After a little thought, he found that when he opened his eyes, he saw the blue sea, and the shaking hull, and even felt emotions spreading from the bottom of his heart. He was in the play in her story.

Zhou Zhou suddenly reacted and looked at her.

“You thought of it?”

“En……” He pondered, quickly taking out his cell phone and looking at the information he needed.

There was no physical performance, although there was little help from props and settings, it doesn’t mean he couldn’t get into the play by other means before. He was too persistent, using a new skill, just to imagine the empty, and to turn those words into scenes in his mind. But this story was related to the interstellar universe. He was neither a stargazer nor an astronaut. How could he think of such a background by virtue of the sky?

After reading many StarCraft pictures and information he slowly breathed and found out what he wanted.

Once he found his emotions, he suddenly wanted to go back to the classroom and continue his unfinished practice. He doesn’t care about the people who talked about him behind his back. He has always been bothered by himself, but she has come, and his previous performance was so bad that he can’t wait to show her his new act.

But when Zhou Zhou turned to his head, he found that it was unknown when Wen Ying had fallen asleep on his shoulder, which made his eyes suddenly turn soft.

He quietly took a picture of her without waking her and stroking the screen of his phone.

Then, after he looked down and thought about it, he sent a message to their Wechat group of five people.

“Yun Ou, she was so tired that she fell asleep. Do you need me to send her back?”


Small theatre:

Ning Xiao: (Sighs) Some people usually don’t speak, but they are black to the bone.

Jiang Ke and Yun Ou: (Continuously nodding)

Zhou Zhou: En 🙂

Ning Xiao: Who are you Ening to…… the one I’m speaking about is you! !

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