WFILTU Chapter 268 – Future I

Lin Zhihua actually served food for Jiao Jiao?!

Teacher Zheng’s eyes looked over and took on some slight surprise.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened even more, staring tightly at the two.

Being stared  at by so many people, Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed.

But she was also curious, Lin Zhihua has always been very gentlemanly, and serving food was something he often did even in the past, so why does everyone have such strange eyes?

Even if everyone stared over, Lin Zhihua was still calm. He reached out his chopsticks again, and served a piece of fish into Teacher Zheng’s bowl.

“This is lightly seasoned. Try it.”

His voice was quiet and low, and his face was without expression as always.

Lin Zhihua was just serving for those on his left and right? Was there no other meaning?

Suddenly, Yi Tianyu relaxed.

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From the corner of his eyes, Chu Sheng still looked at them, slightly curious, and with some gossipy eyes.

Following that, Lin Zhihua kept serving Jiao Jiao and Teacher Zheng.

Sitting on the other end of Xue Jiao, Yi Tianyu was a little unhappy.

He picked up the clean chopsticks beside him and clipped up the bitter melon.

“Come, come, eat some bitter melons.”

He put it in Xue Jiao’s bowl, carrying a smile on his face.

Jiao Jiao looked at him, and didn’t talk.

Yi Tianyu paused for a moment, then blankly questioned: “what?”

“She doesn’t eat bitter melons.” Lin Zhihua explained softly, and his voice was as calm as usual.

Yi Tianyu subconsciously said, “How do you know she doesn’t eat bitter melon?”

Teacher Zheng, Grandpa Wu, and Chu Sheng looked over again.

Lin Zhihua wiped his hand and again, clipped a fish with no thorns for Jiao Jiao.

“She had not touched the bitter melons ever since she sat at the table.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

He looked down and looked at it. The bitter gourd was placed in the middle between him and Xue Jiao, the distance was so close.…..the other side seemed to have really not eaten it!

“Zhihua has observed very carefully.” Grandpa Wu laughed.

Yi Tianyu said nothing more, and he embarrassedly added vegetables for Jiao Jiao, but his eyes were always laid on the two people next to him.

Why did he always feel that these two people were creating a little unhappy feeling in him?

From the other side, Chu Sheng also blinked an eye, occasionally looking over, his eyes full of suspicion.

A meal was finished in such a strange atmosphere, and after dinner, Teacher Zheng said the key points, and the three of them went home to review the information from today.

Lin Zhihua was still here. Obviously Teacher Zheng had something to say.

The three were also very understanding and obediently said goodbye.

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  1. Many thanks
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  3. Yeah right😏 Im only serving my neighbors even though etiquette for seniority means I should have served Teacher first

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  4. Chu Sheng, follow your gossip-hound instincts! There is indeed something there!

    • Chu Sheng being a gossipy soul really is unexpected twist lol. But it makes his outburst against his classmates talking bad about Jiao Jiao before even more meaningful and powerful.

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