SOOEW Chapter 206- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLVI

Wen Ying did not actually follow Zhou Zhou back to the classroom. Instead, she watched Zhou Zhou enter the door, surrounded by small actors, they inquired at her news, while quietly peering at her.

She was standing outside the door. Because she had been busy running around recently, sleeping for ten minutes was not enough, and she still felt tired. She found a lady’s cigarette from her pocket and sent it to her red lip.

The teacher of the training class probably let her observe under the permission of the crew because her attitude was too natural. She was mistaken as someone who came to pick the actors. Therefore, she didn’t come to catch people, so she stood there and spit out smoke, especially lazy and sultry. There were no young actors who were willing to move, and the heart thumped. The way was beautiful and temperamental. She was totally free from any loss by her hidden rules!

It was no wonder that the gossip spread outside was so terrible to hear. There were still many people, men and women engaging in a fierce competition.

In this way, they looked at Zhou Zhou with a little more unfriendly intent, hoping to borrow him as a pedal, letting his agent pay attention to themselves.


There was no doubt that it was very terrible to let the beast out of the cage.

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Zhou Zhou has been immersed in his study of physical performance all day. However, whether it was doing homework privately, asking teachers, or referring to the work behind the scenes of large films and large televisions, there was always a layer of obstacles like window paper that can let him see the scenery on the other side vaguely, but it can not be broken.

And now, Wen Ying helped him tear a piece of paper.

The actor who played the opponent’s act was still Jiang Ming, the former male lead. As soon as Zhou Zhou came up, he was acutely aware that the other party had become a little different. But he could see it carefully. The other side was still as lonely and gloomy as usual, with his eyelids slightly drooping, as if there was nothing to look at with the arrogance at the bottom of his eyes. This was not to let him put on both sides of the hand to hold tightly into a fist, even if someone were to direct in the back, he still had to practice the physical performance, learning for half a year, to make people understand the intention correctly, but not seem too exaggerated.

It sounds like in this period of time that he had extra, his win was not honorable, but acting was such an industry. How much time he paid behind the scenes is not important. The important aspect was the moment before the stage, and whether they won or lost!

He was confident that he could win!

Unlike the simple routine scenarios in school such as eating noodles and washing hair, the topics set by the training class are usually similar to the script officially broadcast. For example, this time, the background topic was the life on the spacecraft, and two persons were designated to showcase the expression and action response of the spacecraft after being hit by an unknown object in outer space.

Just in the moment when the teacher clapped their hands, the two people’s expressions changed.

Jiang Ming’s panic was just right. He saw unknown objects through the window of the ship. He subconsciously wanted to stay away from what brought him fear, and then he stepped back. But he found that, just as he made his movements, everyone turned their eyes to the side.

It turns out that Zhou Zhou took Jiang Ming as a shield and hid behind him.

Stealing the attention.

The moment was seized. He not only produced the action associated with another actor, but also just stuck in the second when Jiang Ming retreated, which made people unconsciously ignore Jiang Ming and place their eyes on him. Just then, he raised his head.

Then, his performance opened everyone’s eyes wide.

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