SOOEW Chapter 207- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLVII

If Jiang Ming’s panic was like seeing a ghost and trying to escape nervously, then Zhou Zhou’s fear contained a shock. He was frightened, his body trembled, but at the same time, he was struck by the spectacle that he had never seen, just as if people saw the sea falling from the sky, the mountain collapsing and falling apart. Besides being afraid, the natural phenomenon would produce awe which is difficult to describe. It was this awe that leaves  him in fear, just as if he was nailed in place, unable to leave, and looking at the meteorite from the flying collision. He was full of shock, which seemed to let people see the reflection of the bright star river, and awed the audience into shock by his performance.

Jiang Ming did not know what happened after him. He only heard the voice of many people breathing heavily, but not because of him.

At the end of the performance, the light but powerful applause rang from the door, waking up the public, and then they gave applause from their heart that integrated into the surroundings.

Is it that Zhouzhou? What did he do? Does he know how to act without physical objects? Why do so many people admire him?

No, it’s impossible!

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Jiang Ming was dreamlike, it’s just one day, no, an hour——

He can’t believe that someone could do what he could only do after many months.

He did not know that the greatest difference between genius and ordinary people was that ordinary people needed to practice hard things day after day, and for them, they can easily follow. Ordinary people need to ponder and think repeatedly, from larger deviations to smaller deviations, improving, and practicing to become better. And for them, inspiration or skills were all things that are already there, only needing to take it out of their pocket.

Reality was cruel, but cruelty was also reality.

At the door, Wen Ying bended a finger and lighted a cigarette, dusting the ash, and then smiled at Zhou Zhou, saying: “I like it very much.”

Hearing her, Zhou Zhou, who had always been gloomy to the public, raised a tiny corner of his mouth, and then he pulled down the hat on his hoodie and covered his expression.

After class, Wen Ying contacted the crew, and with their consent, she exposed the video seen by the class through her own Weibo.

To speak, her last Weibo was her vow to bring out the next movie emperor. There were many months without updates, and the black fans had no place to spray. Seeing that she sent a new Weibo, they immediately ran over to begin their spraying! There was a sudden surge of wind and fierce fighting, and 10000 comments were made in a flash.

But soon, the wind suddenly changed.

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