SOOEW Chapter 208- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLVIII

The black fans are more persistent than actual fans. The person who pays attention to her will naturally click into the video she sends, so as to catch her mistakes and then spray the second round. But what was unexpected was that most people unconsciously saw the beginning to the end, and before they excitedly typed a series of comments. They responded abruptly before they sent out: Eh, Didn’t I want to spray him, why should I praise him???!

“Wow, it’s me! I went to see the Qiantang River high tide that time. I was so afraid to be submerged, but I also could not help looking at it again, looking like I could not move my legs!”

“It’s so vivid. I really saw the stars in his eyes?”

“The one upstairs is ridiculous. What you see should be the light reflected in his eyes……don’t know whether it’s an accident or on purpose with the camera angle.”

“Must be intentional, my Zhou Zhou’s acting is just this wonderful, perfect to the details!! Lick the screen! “

“Zhou Zhou wow wow wow. I almost forgot him. After “Cheng Emperor”, it is unscientific to not have the next work planned. Is this the segment to be played in the new play? Super great! Support!! “

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Finally, Weibo became a fan special venue for Zhou Zhou, and almost everyone forgot the main person.

Soon, Zhou Zhou forwarded the Weibo with the following comment: I’m glad you like it.

He omitted the subject, fans all spontaneously created their own, messages saying feichang likes it, fried chicken like it, we can’t like it anymore!

But fans don’t know the inside story, and yet the two other men find the statement odd.

Ning Xiao swiped on the page, his face without expression brushing the comments.

The assistant found his expression a little scary and could not help but whisper: “Brother Xiao? What’s the matter?”

He did not respond.

His film is about to be released, she has not sent a Weibo, Jiang Ke’s acting accident and hospitalization she also did not send, yet Zhou Zhou’s teaching video, she sent it like a treasure, even if it is to do publicity warmups, it is necessary to be so early?!

Zhou Zhou, ever since Zhou Zhou came, most of her heart and soul fell on the other party.

Zhou Zhou is a genius, Zhou Zhou is a talented person. Zhou Zhou is the next movie emperor she expects.

What about him?

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