SOOEW Chapter 209- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLIX

Thinking about it, he has not seen her for nearly two months. Jiang Ke was the first and then Zhou Zhou. They were all her artists, but she doesn’t care about the progress of his side at all. Was it because the play he received was neither a leading role nor a big movie to make money?

Because she once thought that the movement where he frequently called was too childish, he could not even call her. He could only keep her public platform to pay attention to her trends.

But the latest message he received about her was a Wechat post about Zhou Zhou!

Just when he saw the contents of the Wechat, he wanted to call and question on the spot angrily, but calmed down and thought about it. He found that the other party was dangerous, but on the table, it was a simple inquiry, she may not really have anything to do with him.

“Brother Xiao, the script!”

Ning Xiao heard the exclamation of the assistant, and suddenly found that unconsciously, the script he held in his hand had  almost changed shape.

After loosening his hand, he stared at the crumpled script and asked, “Between I and Zhou Zhou, who do you think is better at acting?”

“This, how do you say this……” the assistant stuttered: “I think it’s all very good. You perform very naturally. Zhou Zhou, is very powerful. Just like the part that Sister Ying had just posted, it was very powerful. He felt different from others.…..” he boasted for half of it, and suddenly realized that the face of the other person had changed and closed his mouth immediately.

Ning Xiao hummed softly, but could not not acknowledge Zhou Zhou’s outstanding performance. Even if he had been with the camera for 20 years, he could not attain his best.

Yes, he suddenly remembered that he was just the hot potato that the company wanted to throw out at first. If not for her, he would only be trapped in the mire, and there was no present value, and he might not be more valuable than the future value of Zhou Zhou. So her choice was self-evident, no matter whether it was the movie emperor or anything else……

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Jiang Ke, who also saw the contents of the Weibo and Wechat, knew that most of it were intentional strategies by the other. He has long seen through the strange antics of such childlike movements., but somehow, he still couldn’t control the ambiguity caused by this sentence.

After all, it’s not impossible for this to happen according to her usual style——

He sighed, indeed, Zhou Zhou’s talent caused a lot of jealousy in him, so he would produce such a strong unease, but he would not easily lose in comparing schemes!

Jiang Ke picked up his phone and edited a message where he pretended to be pitiful and sent it to Wen Ying, so that she could remember to comfort the wounded.

He was taking the time to make the play now, but he would still go to the hospital to check up on it to prevent deterioration.

But what he didn’t expect was that as soon as Wen Ying arrived at the hospital, she ran into Yang Sen, who also came to see himself. Yang Sen had disguised himself. In order to avoid people’s eyes, he could only care about one way while walking. He ran into Wen Ying coming around the corner without paying attention.

He hurriedly went to help, by helping her, he saw her appearance.

“Yang Sen?” She stood still, and asked, doubtfully, with a low voice, “Did you come to visit Jiang Ke?”

Unexpectedly, she could recognize him at one glance. Yang Sen could not help but give birth to a light joy, and nodded his head under her inquiry, “Long time no see.”

She laughed too, “Long time no see.”

“Last time, I haven’t thanked you yet for it.” He whispered. If she didn’t stand up and talk, and distracted other people’s attention, neither he nor Jiang Ke would be as relaxed as they are now.

“After all, you were also someone I brought. It’s not much to help you along the way.” She said it with a greeting, and had  nothing else to say, so she nodded and left.

At this time, a nurse came up holding a tray filled with bottles and cans, and it seemed like she was about to hit her.

“Be careful——”

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