WFILTU Chapter 273 – Future VI

“There was also a girl, who was my favorite. She doesn’t have a smart head, but she works very hard. She couldn’t afford paper and pen, so she wrote on the ground every day. When I went to her house, they had only one mud house and a dirty wooden bed to share between the family. But on the wall, it was full of words. “

“What happened to her later?”

“She……” Teacher Zheng choked a little: “She later fell down the mountain on the way to school, her legs folded and she climbed a long way. We found her, but she was already gone…… only leaving a word beside her——I want to see the outside world.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes became astringent, and something rolled out.

Teacher Zheng continued to speak: “No matter what happened to them later, I will never forget those yearning eyes.”

She paused and sighed: “The times have changed, and it’s unknown when it started, but the people became fickler. The people who study quietly are truly becoming less and less, and the less serious academic people are engaged in it. There are always some moths to be tossed out.”

The three looked at her in a daze.

“I don’t understand very well, obviously, it is the best time, how can it become the most difficult era?”

Teacher Zheng doubted, but no one could give her the answer to this question.

“The three of you, especially for Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng, the college entrance examination has already no longer become a problem. You guys studied for the college entrance examination. I support it very much, but what about after the college entrance examination?” She looked at the three, raising her eyebrows slightly, serious and grave.

“Everything has a purpose. Others are in the college entrance examination. You are also taking the college entrance examination. Others are in University. You are also enrolled in University. If others say that the major is good, you will also apply for this major. And then? And then, with this popular major, would you find a good job? And then marry and have children, and add all this onto your child? Then the cycle repeats. “

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“I have met so many people, those students who I thought had great talent. Finally, they all headed into the life of mediocrity and became the most common one in the Star River above my head. Our life is like the stars in the night sky, ordinary and dull, but amongst the ordinary stars, this teacher also hopes that you will strive to become the brightest one. If you cannot be the brightest one, you must still let out a light that can satisfy yourself. “

She looked at them: “So you should never stop your pace of learning. After the college entrance examination, your life has just started. Understand what you want, why you are always working hard, and don’t be obsessed with impetuousness.”

“The last lesson of the teacher is just——I hope that you are honest, kind and stand up for your dreams.”

All three were in deep thought.

After a moment, Xue Jiao looked up at the sky, and focused.

She knew very early that people should know ordinary things in their lives, but they were not willing to be ordinary.

The life of striving for a dream is a shining pathway.

Yi Tianyu and Chu Sheng also looked up at the sky. This was the first time they thought about their life and future seriously.

But fortunately, they had been raised of their awareness earlier and didn’t walk on the road in a daze——the way everyone else was walking.

These three were more likely than other people to pursue their dreams.


When they left, Xue Jiao took a picture of the galaxy and sent it to her moments on Wechat——

I want to become the brightest star.

Lin Zhihua saw it, smiled and commented——

【You definitely can.】

You are the brightest star, and the only star I have.

Xue Jiao saw his comments, chuckled and closed her phone.

At this time, they had just gone downstairs. The sky was very dark, but the street lights were still bright.

Yi Tianyu suddenly stopped his steps, Chu Sheng and Xue Jiao suddenly stared back blankly.

“Why aren’t you going?”

Yi Tianyu, who normally smiles typically, turned serious suddenly, then took a couple steps forward, walking in front of Xue Jiao.

At this moment, they were standing underneath the streetlamp, Yi Tianyu was facing the light, his eyes bright and sparkling.

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